He underlines that negotiation is crucial in order to overcome the problems (ANF 13.3.2012). Hopefully Swoboda’s statement will be followed by concrete political steps. In a previous press release (21.9.2011) the EUTCC stated that one of the long lasting conflicts in the Middle East is the Kurdish question in Turkey. The EU and the US play a crucial role in resolving this problem. There is however one problem of equal importance which is the blacklisting of the PKK as a terrorist organisation. If the EU and the US drop the” terrorism” label, the arguments that makes it possible for Turkey to accuse and jail thousands of people in Turkey and Diaspora for terrorism, will fall to the ground. It will be easier to put pressure on Turkey without the “terrorist label”.

The EUTCC calls on the EU to urge Turkey to start again negotiations with the PKK. Further, the EUTCC strongly request the EU and the US to remove the PKK from the terrorist list.
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