On the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of the March 12, 1971 Coup in Turkey, an exhibition on this coup will open at the Union of the Workers of Turkey in the Netherlands (HTIB).

This exhibition organized by the Info-Türk Foundation in Belgium was first opened in 2006 at the Brussels Grand City Municipality’s halls. Entitled “From one coup to another in Turkey”, the exhibition puts in evidence the human rights violations committed by the military regime with photos, press clippings and affidavits.

A documentary film on the 1971 and 1980 Coups in Turkey, made by the Info-Türk Foundation, will also be screened.

Info-Türk’s Chief Editor Dogan Özgüden will attend the opening as speaker. (http://www.info-turk.be/ozguden-tugsavul-E.htm)

Dogan Özgüden and his wife Inci Tugsavul were the editors of the daily Aksam and the review Ant prior to the 1971 Coup. They had to leave their country because of many legal proceedings and carried out during their 42-year exile an uninterrupted struggle against the military’s repressions.

During the meeting will also be exhibited many documents from Özgüden’s archives that he recently donated to the International Institute of Social History (IISG) in Amsterdam.

o Opening by HTIB Chairman Mustafa Ayranci
o Film on the 1971 and 1980 Coups in Turkey
o Dogan Özgüden’s intervention and debate
o Buffet
Confirmation of participation: [email protected]  or 31-20-622 18 20