"During the Dersim Genocide the Turkish government has massacred thousands of people, those who survived were banished, Dersim was depopulated. The cause of these merciless acts was being Kurdish, Alevi and Kizilbash. Although 70 years have passed, Turkey is not willing to acknowledge this Genocide like many other Kurdish Genocides. Those responsible for the deaths of thousands of people have never been tried nor have they been brought out into light.
The broken families could never discover their past. Thousands of people
still haven’t received news from their families and close friends. The
whereabouts of the Kurdish children taken by the Turkish Government at the
time are unknown. Many other world counties who have had a similar
experiences and committed genocide against its people have acknowledged the
injustice and sorrow they have caused and have apologised. However Turkey is continuing to resist and use "it does not exist" strategy with the Kurdish
Genocide just as they have with the Armenian Genocide."
Venue: European Parliament, Room ASP 1 G 03
13 November 15h – 18.30h