Attitudes and reactions of the political parties towards the attacks on Serê Kaniyê
National Coordination Body In Syria: We strongly condemn the conduct of the armed groups in Serê Kaniyê
Qamishlo – The National Coordination Assembly in Syria condemned in a statement the extremist conduct of the armed goups in Serê Kaniyê. The statement explained: “our people in Serê Kaniyê are exposed to an armed campaign coming from both outside the border as well as from the inside. These attacks have intensified since the sixteenth of this month with the goal of raising the sectarian problems between the components of the Syrian fabric, and also to stir unrest and chaos in the region.
The statement called on the Syrian people to reject these terrorist groups and called on the international community, which have turned a blind eye to evidence of direct Turkish backing and involvement, to put pressure on the Turkish government to stop its support for the extremist groups.
Kurdish Left Party: Armed group “Ankara’ allies” launch new attacks on the city of Serê Kaniyê
Qamishlo – The Kurdish Left Party in Syria assumed that the new attacks on Serê Kaniyê reflects the insistence of the Turkish state to implement its repressive on the Kurdish areas. The party called upon the Kurdish people to be vigilant and to prepare for the risks.
A statement issued recently by the party said: “once again the invaders renew their hideous attacks on the  city of  Serê Kaniyê, moreover they are using heavy weapons such as tanks, T 72 model, in a desperate attempt to control the city, and expand their dominance over the rest of the Kurdish areas.
The statement continued “the invaders claim to be targeting only the PYD, however they are targeting all the Kurdish people, and all the Kurdish areas. Serê Kaniyê is not their ultimate goal; they are  planning to reach Derbassiyeh ,Amuda, Qamishli, Rimelan and Derik down to Dijle River, and by achieving this they will occupy entire western Kurdistan completing the scheme drawn to them by their masters in Ankara.”
Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria condemns the aggression against the city of Serê Kaniyê and appreciates the Kurdish resistance
Qamishlo –  In a his speech to Firat news agency, Saleh Geddo the secretary of the Kurdish left Party in Syria condemned  what he called the “aggressive attacks on the city of Serê Kaniyê in Syria” and he appreciated highly the resistance of the Kurdish protection units against the armed groups.
Kurdish Democratic Left Party announce the ability of its armed group to join the peoples protection units – YPG
Serê Kaniyê: A delegation of the Left Kurdish Party, wing of  “Mohamed Moussa” visited the center of the peoples protection units in the city of Serê Kaniyê. The delegation informed the responsible persons in the protection units that their armed young fighters are ready to join the YPG and fight side by side with them against the armed groups  who are more frequently attacking civilians and vandalizing the city.
It is worth to mention that a number of the armed men and young men from the Kurdish left party and other Arabs, Chichanians and Kurds have effectively joined the protection units.
Yekiti Kurdistan Party: the role of the Peoples Protection Units is revolutionary and we appreciate it.
The press office of Yekiti Kurdistan Party  issued a statement and addressed the public opinion and asserted that the ultimate goal of the armed groups who entered Serê Kaniyê is to evacuate the city and displace its people in the aim of  distorting the image of the free Army and the Syrian Revolution.
The statement said that the resistance of the People Protection Units and the other revolutionary battalions is highly valued and they should be supported and be cooperated with as they are playing a national and patriotic role .
12 March  movement: we stand in the same row along with the Peoples Protection Units
Amouda – The Movement of 12th March announced in a statement issued recently their supporting and backing of the Peoples Protection Units. The movement called all peoples and parties to stand together along with the Peoples Protection Units, and to support them materially and morally to build a good future for the Kurdish nation.
Rasti movement : Our people has no choice, but to fight for their honor and existence.
Qamishlo – The Rasti Democratic movement issued a statement, calling on all armed Kurdish factions as well as political parties and groups to unite, and stand together in the same trench in order to defend the Kurdish presence and Kurdish areas.
The statement said, “the repeated attacks on the city of Serê Kaniyê are clear evidences of blind deep hatred towards our Kurdish people.”
Events and results of battles in SereKanye for four days:
Peoples Protection Units blew up of a tank of the armed groups in Abra neighborhood in Serê Kaniyê
Serê Kaniyê – local sources said fighters of Peoples Protection Units blew up a tank belonging to Armed Groups claiming to be allies of the Free Syrian Army. According to the sources, the armed groups bombed houses and other buildings for two consecutive days using the tank.
Moreover, sources inside the Peoples Protection Units declared that they have previously blown up two other tanks; one of which was stationed near the graveyard in Serê Kaniyê.
Disguised as women, armed groups members flee Serê Kaniyê via Alhasake road
Serê Kaniyê – Firat news agency reporter said that a big number of militants are fleeing the city of Serê Kaniyê wearing women clothes. The reporter said after being targeted and defeated by the protection units they fled on motorcycles and left through the Hasaka road nearby the water purification station.
Peoples Protection Units hit the attacking groups in Kisra village and force them to leave the village
Serê Kaniyê – Peoples Protection Units responded to the attacks of the armed groups on Serê Kaniyê located on the main road Serê Kaniyê-Derbasiyeh. The Kurdish units forced the armed groups to go back after fierce battles ended with many wounded and killed members of the Armed groups.
The Kurdish units discovered explosive barrels set by the armed groups under the bridge of Kisra village in an attempt to destroy it.
A Helicopter bomb Gir Zîro village in Girkê Legê city
Girke Lege – A Syrian helicopter shelled Gir Zîro village with eight shells a week ago. According to sources two of them fell inside the mure of the village school while the other six shells fell outside the village without causing any injuries to the citizens. The source reported that the Protection units responded to the bombing of the helicopter and forced it to withdraw after hitting it.
Clashes continue in Al abra district, the national hospital is still under fire and armed battalions burn the bodies of their dead
Serê Kaniyê – the violent clashes stopped last night between the Peoples Protection Units and the armed groups in the area of Abra. The Peoples protection units  intensified their attacks on several points where those groups are stationed, and tightened their grip on the national hospital where some of the leaders of the Armed groups are hiding and where a number of their snipers are statoned.
Two days before, the al abra district had witnessed violent clashes which ended with the killing of the Armed militias. Armed Groups leaders have been burning their killed members, and killed other members who intentionally injured their self to be moved to the Turkish hospitals to flee the fighting.
Turkey in its turn, have sent its allies armed groups huge military reinforcements including tanks and several vehicles  like Dushka, and  numbers of insurgents.
Alashqar: “leader of an armed group is in a critical condition, and five extremists died when withdrawing from the area of the clashes
Serê Kaniyê –The Peoples Protection Units targeted an armed group stationed in Alabra district. A big number of the militants were killed, among them Alashqar, a leader and very close fellow of Nawaf Albasheer who is the relations coordinator between the Armed groups.According to sources close to the Turkish authorities Alashqar is supposed to be in a critical condition and is being treated in one of the Turkish Hospital. Five other militants were killed when trying to transfer Alashqer to turkey.
Armed groups kill an Arab citizen in Serê Kaniyê
Serê Kaniyê– Armed groups snipers killed on Sunday evening 13/01/2013 a friend of the Kurdish people, Ahmed Khalifa, as he was on his way from his home in the neighborhood of the station to the roundabout of Hasaka. Khalifa was on his way to visit his children who have been displaced from the region by the armed group since they entered the city.
Kobani – The families of kidnapped victims are demanding the release of their family members.
Kobani – In the seventeenth of January, an armed group kidnapped three buses carrying 45 passengers heading to south Kurdistan.As the buses arrived the outskirts of Serê Kaniyê city, the militants kidnapped them and dragged them to an unknown place.
People of Cinderes denounce the attack of Armed Groups on Serê Kaniyê
Afrin – Kurdish Citizens in Cinderes denounce the attacks on Serê Kaniyê, assuming that attackers intend to target the Kurdish will and existence as most of the Kurdish areas are liberated and evacuated from the Syrian regimes symbols and soldiers.
People in Cinders say that both Syrian And Turkish governments aim to set the components of west Kurdistan against each.
Supreme Kurdish Council held a meeting for traders in the region of Derek
Derik- The Supreme Kurdish Council held a meeting in Dijla center for arts and culture, for the traders and shopkeepers in the Derik area. A big participation of Arabs, Kurds and Assyrians was noticed.
Three Martyrs in Serê Kaniyê, two of them are children from the same family.
Serê Kaniyê – Firat news agency reporter said that three civilians, two children and one adult from one family were killed .
According to an ANF reporter, the armed groups has shelled the district of Ahmed Khan, one shell fell on a house of the Habbash family, which led to the killing of the two children Shehed Hani Abbas 3 years old and her borother 9 years old. Moreover both parents were severely injured. The mother Samah Omer 20 years old and the father Hani Habbash was 65 years old.
The Peoples Protection Units reveal the outcome of the clashes in the Gir Zîro
Qamishlo – People Protection Units has recently revealed the outcome  of the clashes occurred in Girrzero village . The statement issued by the Units confirmed the killing of Mohammed Saqer , the commander of the besieged millitary battalion  in addition to gaining a lot of equipment belonged to the militias.
The statement said that “as a result of clashes in Gir zîr, our fighters  seized a  lot of military equipment including:
Tank, Kalashnikov-type weapons – Dushka – P K S – and ammunition, 2 mortar 120,
1 mortar 82, A number of wireless devices
The statement said :”since the start of the military siege on the battalion, ending with control over the area, fighters of the Democratic Progressive Party played an important part in those gains alongside the People Protection Units”
Battalions of Armed Groups Kill Young mentally disabled man Orhan Heme Mukhtar
Serê Kaniyê – Armed  groups belonging to the free syrian Army killed a young mentally disabled man called “Orhan Hame Mukhtyar” in the Kheraba neighborhood in Serê Kaniyê.
The young man was 20 years old. Two of his brothers were fighters in the Popular Defense Forces of Kurdistan and lost their lives in the liberation struggle of Kurdistan.
27 millitants Killed during Clashes in Serê Kaniyê
Serê Kaniyê – A source close to the People Protection Units confirmed to Firat news agency that  27 members of the Armed groups were killed and dozens of them were injured. The source said that one of the Armed groups commander, close to Nawaf Ragheb al-Bashir Ashqar, deceased in one of the Turkish hospitals in Urfa city , from wounds received fighting in Serê Kaniyê.
Violent Clashes break out in Serê Kaniyê
Serê Kaniyê – violent clashes broke out at four o’clock in the morning between Protection units and armed groups in Serê Kaniyê.
According to reporters, the clashes took place in the neighborhoods of the National Hospital and the city center around the corner close to the central oven. Grendades were used during the clashes.
Turkmani ” Leader of an Armed Group” is in Critical Condition and transferred to Urfa hospital
Serê Kaniyê – Turkish ambulances have relocated Alturkmani to  a Turkish hospital in Orfa. Medical sources from the hospital of Urfa reported that Alturkmani suffers from serious injuries and lies in the intensive care unit in the hospital.
Dead and wounded between armed groups in military operations
Serê Kaniyê – several militants were killed and others were wounded during simultaneous and sudden unannounced  operations launched by the People protection units which  targeted several points where the extremist militias were stationed, mostly from snipers in Abre neighborhood. On the other hand, reliable sources confirmed that the millitias burned the body of their killed members, which are probably Turks commanders and fighters.
Turkish Government Expel Immigrants Coming from Serê Kaniyê
Derbassiyeh – The Turkish government arrested yesterday a large number of Kurdish citizens who had fled from the city of Serê Kaniyê, who were evacuated and displaced by the armed groups. The Kurdish citizens were forced to choose either to stay in very vulnerable camps or to be deported to Serekanye.
Youths and Men of Tel Helef Express their Readiness to Fight Armed Groups
Serê Kaniyê – Local sources from Tel Helef village, lies 2 km far from the city of Serê Kaniyê, said that youths and men of the village are preparing for fighting against the armed groups who attempt to attack their village. The citizens receive military training and some weapons to defend themselves and their village against the Armed groups.
A Kurdish Citizen Killed by  Militants of the Free Army in Sherawa Area:
Afrin – Kurdish citizen, Adnan Jammu Nabo, 60 years old was killed as he received a bullet, fired by  a sniper of Armed group , while walking around with his cousin in the mountains of the area.
Residents of Sherawa expressed their dissatisfaction with the behaviors of the free  Army groups, and their targeting of unarmed citizens without any logical reason.
Two Intelligence Officers Injured while Trying to Forcibly Enter the Neighborhood of Sheikh Maksoud in Aleppo
Aleppo – Kurdish Security men Asayish have responded to the attempt of the intelligence members ” Shabiha” who tried to enter forcibly to the area of Sheikh Maqsud neighborhood, as a result the two members were injured.
Services in Western Kurdistan
Serving commissions in the Supreme Kurdish Council begins distributing aids in Qamishlo.
Qamishlo – Commission of services started distributing aids to families in Qamisho city. The distribution included flour and also fuel arrived a few days ago as a campaign aid sent it from southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).
According to the Service Commission in the Supreme Kurdish Council,  the amount of material that reached the city of Qamishli is 125 thousand tons of flour. The amount of diesel fuel that reached the city is 250 thousand liters. The Commission added that the amount that reached Qamishlo can cover the need of five thousand families ;while the estimated number of families in the city of Qamishlo is about fifty thousand families.
Service Committees in Raju Area Distributes Gas Cylinders to Citizens
Afrin – in a series of events and activities carried out by the service commissions of the Council in Raju, the fuel committee distributed gas cylinders on citizens according to tables by the family card.
The service committee distributed thousands of Gas cylinder to the nominal sequential scheduled by the family card, which was established by the Commission. This distribution campaign covered all villages in the area in a balanced and fair manner.
Physicians of Girke Lege City Organizes Daily Tours to check the Civilians Barriers:
Girkê Legê – a group of doctors in the city of Girke Lege organize daily visits to inspect the barriers of civilians, in a respond to the recent situation in the region, especially after system attacks on the People Protection Units while sieging Gir Zîro.
A group of medical staff provided the barriers guards with initial preparations for treating wounds and injuries in case any clashes occurred .
Kurdish Women in Amude and Derbassiyeh Denounce the Attacks of Millitias at the Kurdish City:
Kurdish women in Derbassiyeh and Amouda expressed their opinions about the  attacks on western Kurdistan. Faiza Younis a representative of the Peace Mother Organization, said: “Invading Serê Kaniyê has a special significance. The city has been targeted by the Turkish government”. Younis called the Kurdish people not to leave Serê Kaniyê city and expressed appreciation of the resistance of the People Protection Units who act heroically in defense of their areas. Tens of women expressed their support for the People Protection Units during demonstrations in both cities.
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