Yezidis; one of the ancient communities in the world have been annihilated in front of the world’s eyes. The isis, also known as Islamic state attacks are ongoing since its start on 3rd August 2014. Yezidis have suffered 72 genocides in their history. 5000 people have been killed and at least 5000 kidnapped only in the latest ISIS attacks. Thousands of woman have been kidnapped, raped and sold as slaves in Arab markets. Over 10,000 people, who fled from isis attacks are now confined on Shengal mountains under the possible further attacks from isis while trying to survive the hard winter conditions of mountains. The whole Yezidi community are going through the most traumatic humanitarian condition and under the threat of annihilation. Preserving and protecting this ancient community is a responsibility for us all especially of the European community, international organization and institutions. Isis is an enemy to humanity and to all human values, this the only way they know and how they attack to ancient communities such as Yezidis, Assyrian-Syriacs, Armenians, these inhuman acts should be stopped immediately and all measures should be taken to stop these brutal attacks against humanity.
Currently more than 350 thousand Yezidis fled to seek shelter More than 200 thousand Kurdish Refugees from both Shengal and Kobanê are in the North Kurdistan. However only 6 thousand of these refugees are aided by the Turkish Government and the rest of the refugees are aided by the Kurdish municipalities under the coordination of the Union of South Eastern Anatolian Region Municipalities (Güneydoğu Anadolu Belediyeler Birliği – GABB).
As the components of the conference, we call upon international community that:
1- Urgent humanitarian aid to be delivered to the thousands of refugees, mostly woman and children, who are confined in the Shengal mountains.
2- The humanitarian aid delivered through Turkey must be under the control of the Union of South Eastern Anatolian Region Municipalities (GABB)
3- Every possible efforts must be used to rescue the Yezidi hostages in the hands of the ISIS
4- Necessary steps must be taken for the recognition of this massacre as a genocide and bring the responsible before the International Criminal Court of human rights.
5- Providing urgent aid and assistance to the Resistance Units of Shengal (YBS), who can help save and liberate the Kurdish Yezidi people in their land.
6- To help and establish an international funding body for the reconstruction of Shengal to help the safe return of the displaced refugees back to their mother land.
7- To supported an autonomous region for Assyrian-Syriac-Chaldean people.
8- For a fair and sustainable political solution, to help and support formation of an Autonomous Region for Yezidis on their ancient mother land as a part of Kurdistan Regional Government in Iraq.