Those executed are:
1. Farzad Kamangar
2. Ali Heydariyan
3. Farhad Vakili
4. Ms. Shirin Alam-Hooli and Mehdi Eslamiyan
5. Mehdi Eslamiyan
It must be noted that Ms. Shirin Alam Hooli’s case was still in the process of appeal and no judgement had been rendered.
It is obvious that the Islmaic Regime has started a new wave of executions in order to instil fear and hopelessness among the Iranian people, this can only be a reflection of the Islamic Regime’s own fear and hopelessness in the face of Iranian Society’s fight for a free and democratic Iran.
Neither the lawyers or the families of these prisoners had been given any notice that the execution was to carried out this morning.
It is worth underlining that in at least three of the four cases an appeal court had not yet issued its final sentence, making the executions illegal even according to the Islamic Republics own laws.