The resolution recognises the Kurdistan Region’s achievements since 2003: “Kurdistan has since then worked intensively on the establishment of regional institutions with the aim of consolidating its federal position within the Iraqi state…The security situation in the Kurdistan Region is no way comparable with that of the rest of the country… Kurdistan wishes to become known as an attractive region for investment. On the basis of this has been a recently approved Investment Law which grants, particularly foreign investors, huge benefits.”

Mr Burhan Jaf, based in Brussels, said, “I welcome these positive steps by the Flemish parliament and call upon the Flemish government to take practical measures in that regard”.

Last month a delegation from the parliament of Flanders, which similarly to Kurdistan is a federated region, visited Kurdistan and met officials from the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Kurdistan Parliament. Mr Jaf said he hoped that the Flemish parliament’s resolution would pave the way for other autonomous and federated regions to strengthen their ties with Kurdistan.

The resolution was proposed by Flanders MPs from four different parties: Ms Anne Marie Hoebeke, Mr Piet de Bruyn, Mr Eloi Glorieux, Mr Jan Roegiers and Mr Johan Verstreken. They were accompanied to Kurdistan by Mr Jaf.
Transnational Middle-East Observer
Thursday, May 14, 2009