In a letter to French Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nicole Borvo Cohen-Seat, member of the Senate of France as well as Communist, Republican, Citizen Group urged the French state and the European Union to make contribution to a political solution for the Kurdish problem.

French senator pointed to the KCK operations and unprecedented pressures of the AKP government and urged the French state and the European Union to strongly condemn this cruelty.

Here is the letter sent by the senator to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Alain Juppe ;

“I have been receiving alarming news from Turkey where the government of Mr. Erdogan applies an unprecedented pressure on the opposition, on the Kurdish opposition in particular. Following a visit to the region, a delegation has also approved this truth once again.

Arrests are carried out in mass and figures are increasing every passing day. Nine thousand Kurds have been put in prison since the year of 2009.

The Turkish government also makes approaches to the representatives of the people; 6,200 members of the BDP are currently in prison. Among them are mayors, members of regional and city councils and even deputies who are assumed to benefit from parliamentary immunity. The European Union Commission on Human Rights has also recently expressed its reaction against the violations of democracy in Turkey.

Among those arrested are also a great number of journalists. Human rights organizations mention hundreds of imprisoned children, this is absolutely inexcusable.

The operations against KCK, which is an organization acting for individual rights and a democracy respecting minorities, have reached the point of arresting lawyers, union members, students and intellectuals including Professor Büsra Ersanli, a constitutional law expert and publisher Ragip Zarakolu’.

On the other hand, the Turkish army has recently led to the death of numerous civilians, like in Uludere, in bombardment operations targeting the bases of the Kurdish people’s resistance in Iraq.

Separately, the Turkish army doesn’t hesitate to use weapons abolished by international conventions. The most recent experience was lived by 34 bodies which were taken to the morgue in Malatya in pieces.

What Kurds demand is the recognition of political and cultural rights that have been denied by the authorities in Ankara. They have clearly chosen the peaceful way by proposing a democratic autonomy.

Violations of their basic rights and the present cruelty applied on them should be condemned strongly. On my own behalf, I support everyone who has been a victim of this situation.

I am of the opinion that intervention by the French state and the European Union is an urgent need to ensure a political solution to the Kurdish problem.”

22 February 2012