kobani-bixerhatinSince 1950s consecutive governments in Syria including the current regime have been systematically violating human rights and committing ethnic cleansing, humiliating and discriminatory measures against Kurds. Under the Ba’ath’s rule, Syrian authorities continued to repress Kurdish political and cultural rights, including arbitrarily revoking thousands of citizenship, restricting the use of the Kurdish language, banning Kurdish-language publications, arbitrarily arresting activists, issuing travel bans, abusing detainees, holding unfair trials, restricting property ownership and banning demonstrations for Kurdish rights, cultural celebrations, and commemorative events.

Following the uprising in Syria and the vicious civil war, which steeped the entire country into bloodshed, Kurds have established their own political entity in the north and northeastern parts of the country to protect people and civilian lives amid imbroglio and the insecure condition of the region. Although spared much of the fighting in other parts of Syria, civilians in the three predominantly Kurdish areas have been victims of ongoing human rights and humanitarian law violations. The Kurdish autonomous region of three cantons, including Afrin, Ain al-Arab (Kobani) and Jazira, was brutally targeted and attacked from the onset by fanatic Islamist armed groups in the area. The constant attacks led tens of thousands of Kurdish families to flee their home and seek refuge in Turkey and the Kurdish region in Iraq.

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Whereas: Through its recent victorious insurgencies the ISIS has equipped itself with tons of modern ammunition and with a newly acquired haul of US-made weapons and cash as a result of the rapid capitulation of the Iraqi military. The ISIS has now intensified its attacks on Kobani [Ain al-Arab], it threatening fifty thousands lives.

Whereas: Appeals for help from the Kurdish people in Syria have not been heard amid the clamor of the Israel-Gaza conflict. The abduction of 186 teenage boys from Kobani on 30 May 2014 has gone largely unreported in the world, even though they are still held captive by the ISIS. International and regional governments and organizations have neglected the catastrophic conditions of people in this region and turned a blind eye to the crisis.

Whereas: Border closure imposed by Turkey and the Kurdish regional government has spread famine and starvation in the region due to a significant decrease in the amount of food and medical supplies, which are required to meet the basic daily needs of the people.

Whereas: Terrorism and famine and all aforementioned threats are serious alerts to an imminent humanitarian crisis at a very large scale intimidating the Kurdish people in Syria, specifically Kobani and its inhabitants.

Therefore: We petition the international community to exert pressure on the Turkish government and the Kurdish regional government to open their borders and allow supplies and food to enter the region and also allow the people to access the humanitarian aid they need. We hereby ask for urgent action from the United Nations to accomplish their primary duty of maintaining peace and protecting people’s lives for the purpose of impeding a humanitarian crisis that may cost the lives of thousands of civilians.