Syria: Former stability zone enters new phase of violence with prominent victim


Following yesterday’s clashes in the Kurdish dominated region of Northern Syria which saw Democratic Union Party (PYD) co-chair Salih Müslim lose his 20-year old son Servan Müslim, GUE/NGL MEP Jürgen Klute has expressed his sincere condolences to the family.


Klute, coordinator of the Kurdish Friendship Group in the European Parliament, regrets this new increase of violence and warns that it could lead to a new phase of escalation and expansion of the civil war in Syria.


He said: “EU governments should urgently realise that Al Quaida linked groups terrorising the Kurdish population are willing to fight any group, even other Muslims, that do not share their extremist, sharia-led views. Member states must ensure that Turkey, as a member of NATO, stops any support for Al-Nusra and prevents attacks being operated from Turkish territory. Moreover, Turkey has to open its borders in order to enable humanitarian aid to be delivered to Kurds in Syria.”


Strasbourg 10/10/13


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