Tuesday July the 5th, was the last day of the Muslim month of Ramadan and on which usually is a day for making preparations for the Ramadan feast, the ISIS terrorists managed again to kill tens of civilians (22) and injure many more in a terrorist attack. The attacker was a single suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt that blew him up while standing among people in a queue in front of a bread bakery. This terrible terrorist act of ISIS shows again how brutal this terrorist group is and how criminal are those who support and help them.

The Rojava part of Kurdistan has been a subject for organized terror acts from ISIS and Turkey, especially since the summer of 2014. The Turkish and ISIS collaboration against Rojava was witnessed by the world when the city of Kobane attacked and then ruined by the ISIS terrorists.

Another deadly terrorist attack against Kobane was on 25 June, some ten days ago, when many people got killed and many were injured, all of them civilians. The aim is not only to kill Kurdish people, but also is to frighten them so they can give up and flee their own land. This particularly is a Turkish policy. Turkey wants Kurds to leave their own homes. Another catch is to use them as a “Migration card” when it negotiate with EU about more money and resources.

This horrible criminal act came after a series of unsuccessful ISIS attacks on Hassaka province on July the 3rd, when the YPG forces destroyed two bomb-laden cars and a stopped a major ISIS assail.

This cowardliness act of ISIS, for example killing innocent civilians while buying bread and making preparations for a religious feast, in Baghdad, Hassaka or other cities, explains that these Islamist extremist groups as ISIS, Jabha Alnusra, Ahrar Al Sham, Sultan Murad Brigades, Jeish Al Islam etc., are nothing but a group of terrorist organizations supplementing each other and all serve the same aim which is fighting progress, secularism, pluralism and sisterhood of nations in the Middle East.

Turkey, under the AKP leadership, is the main supplier of assistance and help to these extremist Islamist groups, in particular when it comes to fight Kurdish liberations movement and Rojawa´s approach toward a democratic inclusive federal government.

Today, Muslims in Kurdistan are sad and they mourn the loss of their beloved fellow citizens, the innocent boys and girls, men and women. Therefore the feasts of Ramadan can´t celebrate. Indeed no other religious feasts can be celebrated no matter if they belong to Christians, Jews, Zarathustra’s, Yezidis and etc.  We should not forget that these recent attacks on Kobane, Baghdad and Hassaka followed after significant losses by ISIS on different battlefields in Iraq and Syria. Turkey has taken some steps towards normalization after failing compromises with Russia and Israel, but unfortunately has increased its attacks on Kurdistan, both in Rojava, Bakur (Kurdistan under Turkey’s occupation) and KRG region.

The Kurdish National Congress expresses our condolences to our Kurdistan people and tells the whole world that our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who’ve been lost in the latest attacks in Baghdad, Hassaka, Kobane and other places, even when they are far away as Kabul or Orlando.

We believe as usual that a good answer to these kinds of political directed terrorism is through building a stronger secularist world, with freedom, liberty, social- and universal human rights and gender equality as its fundamental principles.


Kurdistan National Congress/ KNK