Dear Madam / Sir,

The curfews in Southeast of Turkey, declared in 21 districts of 7 Kurdish provinces for 58 times, have lasted 454 days in total. The curfew in the Sur district of Diyarbakir, declared by Diyarbakır Governorship on 2 Dec 2015, entered its 95th day today. In Sur, 31 citizens have lost their lives since July 2015, and 26 of the deceased lost their lives during the curfew.
After long and difficult meetings with the Diyarbakir Governorship, 50 civilians were evacuated from the district of Sur.

On 20 February 2016, six civilians, including the heavily injured Fatma Ateş, were evacuated from the district. While Fatma Ateş immediately lost her life in the ambulance due to late medical intervention, her husband Hüsamettin Ateş, who carried her to the ambulance, her daughters Fatma and Sinem Ateş, Fahri Ateş and journalist Mazlum Dolan were detained for four days, and were then arrested.
On 02 March 2016, 11 people were evacuated from the district. All of them were detained except for the heavily injured Rıdvan Tuncer, who was transferred to Gazi Training and Research Hospital for medical treatment. The names of the evacuated are as follows: Mehmet Salih Pasin, Seda Arslan, Elif Su Arslan (4-month-old baby), Mehmet Çoreşoğlu, Seniha Sürer, İhsan Karatay, Mesut Aygül, Fatma Kaya, Mehmet Şah Pervane and İhsan Biter.

On 03 March 2016, 33 citizens, including 5 women, 11 children and 17 men, were evacuated from the district. While four of the evacuated were taken to a hospital, 22 were detained and seven children, whose families were under detention, were sent to children’s home. The names of the evacuated are as follows:

Bahattin Erkaplan and his wife Hülya Erkaplan (pregnant), M. Can Arslan, his wife Aynur Arslan (35) and their children Gülistan (10), Rojda (7), Muaz (6) and Özgür (4), DBP Bağlar District Co-chair Reyhan Kavak, Remziye Tosun and their daughters Şevin (9) and Beritan (2), Cengiz Abiş, his wife Emine and their son Talat (7), Mervan Çoban, Muhammet bozkurt, Ramazan Avcı, Mehmet Karacadağ, Ramazan Hanas, Sergen Kaydaş, Ömer Sungur, Abdulvahap Altun, Ferhat Bilgiç, Furkan Dağ, Şeyhmus Akça, Mehmet Nezir Yıldız, Ömer Kabaiş, and Yakup Bozkır. Meanwhile, Yunus Süslü later lost his life due to injuries inflicted by state forces during the evacuation.

According to information we have, the bodies of at least 12 deceased are still waiting in the district of Sur. We could learn the names of following deceased persons: Rozerin Çukur, Cihat Morgül, Erdal Tekin, Gündüz Akmeşe, Hakan Arslan, Ramazan Öğüt, Turgay Girçek, Velat Bilen, Mahmut Oruç, and Erdal Tekin.

Today, in a limited phone conversation with the civilians in Sur, we learned that the state forces bombed a house with a family of three people (Ramazan Öztürk, Aynur Öztürk, Orhan Tatlı), the house consequently collapsed, and that no contact could be established with the family since the event. Diyarbakir Governorship and the authorities in charge have also been notified about this recent development. However, there has been no progress in the situation.

Unfortunately, as of today, we have no information on the number remaining civilians in the neighborhoods under curfew in the district of Sur. Likewise, we have no information on what happened or might happen to these remaining civilians in the neighborhoods under curfew.

Currently, we have no communication with them.

Sibel Yiğitalp
Member of Parliament for Diyarbakir Province

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