H. GhassemlouGerman version newly available – Survey of other translations
The project took three years, but at the beginning of August 2014 the German translation of Helen’s/Nasrin’s memoirs was finally published by LIT Verlag in Vienna/Austria. Unfortunately the book could not be printed in time before the 25th anniversary of Dr Ghassemlou’s assassination on July 13th for technical reasons.
The German title is “Helene Krulich-Ghassemlou: Im Fokus des iranischen Staatsterrors” (In the Focus of Iranian State-Terrorism). International orders would probably be recommendable by e-mail to [email protected].
An English translation of the French original (“Une Européenne au pays de Kurdes”, Karthala, Paris 2011) has been finished meanwhile by a competent Australian lady, but the search for a publishing house is under way, still.
The Kurdish version is finished already as well and will probably be printed rather soon in South Kurdistan/the autonomous Kurdish region in Iraq. In Turkish the book has been available for some time already and is being offered with Amazon via Internet.
There seems to be some mystery around the Persian translation, which was produced clandestinely several months ago. According to the best of my knowledge there is no information about the publisher and thus no possibility to order copies.
A Dutch translation is being worked on presently  in Belgium.
Here are the different covers.