Published by ANF , 12 December 2015

All the parties in the Austrian Parliament have approved a resolution of support for the reconstruction of Rojava’s Kobanê town and the Êzîdî town of Shengal in South Kurdistan.

The Austrian Parliament enacted a similar resolution on 20 November 2014, a period of most intense attacks by the ISIS against Kobanê, with which Austria became the only country among members of the European Union to take a concrete step of support for Kobanê.

Member of Austrian Parliament Green Party, Berivan Aslan, who tabled the resolution and engaged in lobbying works for it, spoke to ANF about the Austrian Parliament’s act which -she said- will hurt Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and should set an example to other countries within the European Union.


Aslan said the resolution is historic for getting the approval of all political parties in the parliament, and making the support for the reconstruction of Kobanê and Shengal an official policy of the Austrian government.

Remarking that it is a rare case to enact a joint resolution in the Austrian parliament led by a coalition government, Aslan said the name of Kobanê, which mounted historic resistance against barbarian ISIS gangs, has played a major role in the approval of the resolution. Aslan said the parliament will not provide ammunition support in accordance with the Austrian Constitution, but will make the necessary contribution to the reconstruction of two towns.


Kurdish deputy Aslan noted that the government’s action plan on this matter will be made clear in the new year, adding that, “The support to be given by the Austrian government includes provision of medical aid, technical materials for the clearance of mines planted by gang groups, technical staff and backing in the fields of architecture and engineering for the reconstruction. Such an action is a rare case for the states that do not participate in armed fight. I have worked on the resolution myself and later shared it with other party officials. We later submitted it to the parliament where it was approved by all the parties at a plenary session.”


Describing the Austrian parliament’s decision as historic, Aslan noted that it is quite challenging to make such a decision by unanimous vote within the current process of crisis. She said; “This decision will hurt Turkish President Erdoğan very much because it is an option and alternative against the approach of European leaders such as Angela Merkel, that offers Turkey “to get paid in return of protecting their borders and taking care of refugees”. Those who do not want to give money to Erdoğan can provide material support to Kurdish cities. With this decision, we meant to say that this is an alternative way of support.”


Green Party MP Berivan Aslan said the decision by the Austrian government should set an example to all the other states in the European Union, adding; “This support may not suffice to heal all the wounds of the people living there, but it will give them a hope and show that they are not alone or forgotten. This decision bears the message ‘you put up a brave fight for humanity against ISIS, and we are here with you to build a new town’. Our diplomacy in this regard will continue.”

Aslan stressed that all European states should see the ongoing bloodshed and cry of peoples, and come up with a solution to the present security problem. She added; “European countries need to appreciate the resistance and struggle waged by the Kurdish people on behalf of humanity. The best way to express appreciation is to help them and liberation of their cities after war. Only this way can the European countries pay their debt to them.”