Twitter-Turkey-Ban_013345682077ANF – BEHDINAN 24.07.2014

Releasing a written statement about the military activity and tension on Ceylanpınar border on 21 July, People’s Defense Centre (HSM) Headquarters Command said that the Turkish army ambushed a guerrilla unit in Ceylanpınar (Serêkaniye) district of Urfa.

The HSM Headquarters Command remarked that clashes broke out between Turkish security forces and a group of HPG (People’s Defense Forces) guerrillas in the area after Turkish soldiers ambushed the guerrillas who were on the move after being assigned duty by Mardin Provincial Command. The statement noted that two guerrillas split off from the group during the clash while the others managed to reach their base safely.

The Command pointed out that Turkish soldiers deployed at Oramar (Dağlıca) post in Yüksekova (Gever) district of Hakkari (Colemêrg) attempted to launch an operation after heading to the Herki village where -it noted- clashes broke out after guerrilla forces responded to the attacks with heavy weapons, forcing Turkish forces to withdraw from the region.

The Command also pointed out that Turkish soldiers deployed at Oramar post launched artillery and howitzer attacks, targeting the Zagros region in Media Defense Areas and Martyr Rahime, Martyr Karker and Martyr Gafur hills on Gever border on 22 July. The statement said the artillery attacks of the Turkish army started fire in some areas where also Turkish unmanned aerial vehicles performed intense reconnaissance flights on the same day. According to the statement, guerrilla forces eventually responded to the continuous artillery attacks with heavy weapons on 23 July, destroying some positions and a tank of the Turkish military.

“The military activity witnessed in both Ceylanpınar and Oramar at the same date is no coincidence. It is evident that the Turkish army is carrying out deliberate activities in tendency to break the ceasefire. The Turkish General Staff is releasing misinformation and distorting the truth with an aim to cover up the incidents. Despite the fact that our comrade Şervan Koçer was ambushed by Turkish military forces, then captured wounded and executed in Van-Başkale on 2 July, Turkish General Staff tried to pin the incident on Iranian army forces. The General Staff, in the same way, also distorted the truth on Ceylanpınar incidents, releasing a statement claiming that Rojava forces (YPG fighters) launched an attack against Turkish soldiers. This has nothing to do with the truth which is that Turkish military forces laid an ambush against HPG forces and led up to a clash”, the statement read.

The Command stressed that Turkish state forces violated ceasefire conditions not only with these attacks, also by building new military bases in the Kurdish region and continuing its dam projects that aim to submerge the territory of Kurdistan, despite all the civil-democratic protests of the Kurdish people and democratic public opinion.

The Command pointed out that the increasing activity of the Turkish army doesn’t serve peace and is carried out as part of battle preparations, while also revealing the Turkish state’s and AKP government’s approach towards the resolution process.

Remarking that all peaceful circles and patriotic Kurdish people must adopt a more effective approach against the ongoing construction of posts, ways and dams for military purposes, the Command added that guerrilla forces would have to carry out warning and preventive activities against the increasing Turkish military activity in Kurdistan region.