The work is based on journalistic research work on the violation of these rights and international conventions governing rights.  EuroKurd collect and translate important texts for Kurdish to spread awareness among the public on its website. EuroKurd establish contacts with organisations who cooperate with human rights.  Zarathustra News is Eurokurds news service. Zarathustra News is known for his research journalism, and good contacts with the Kurdish media, organisations and personalities. is a Web site and was used for EuroKurds purposes. Site content consists of news and analyses on human rights, and security issues in Kurdistan. We look forward to continued good cooperation with you.  Sincerely,

EuroKurd Human Rights

KURDISTAN  Area: 500 000 km2, Population: 25-30 one million… North: 13 million, South: 5 million, the East: 5 million, West: 1.5 million…  Kurdistan extending from the Taurus mountains in the west to the Persian plateau to the east and from Mount Ararat in the north to the Mesopotamian plains in the south. The well-known rivers Euphrates and Tigris have their sources in Kurdistan. Their many tributaries, Murad, Khabour, the two Zap rivers and Diala contribute to the country’s beauty. The rivers water fertile valleys, such as Urfa, Tigris and Djezireh Bohtan, Mush and valleys around the two-Zab Rivers in Arbil. Kurdistan has a unique beauty.  Kurdish folklore is rich in songs and poems dealing with the country’s beauty. This beauty has unfortunately been destroyed by many factors:  Kurdistan is divided between Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria. The governing regimes politic consist of war and natural disasters. The regime in Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria governing Kurdistan, and has for generations exploited, oppressed and terrorised the Kurdish people, denied that any right to a decent life. Kurdistan is also populated by a set of non-Kurdish ethnic groups and minorities such as Assyrians / Syrians, Armenians, and Jews.

September 2008, nr. 3