Human Rights Association (IHD) Diyarbakir branch presented the Kurdish region rights violations report for the first six months of 2012. According to the report, 15 thousand 109 rights violations have been registered in eastern and southeastern regions in the last six months, a substantial increase from the previous year when 29,366 violations had been denounced all the year round.

Evaluating the report on right violations in 2012, IHD Diyarbakir Branch Chair Raci Bilici pointed out that the conflict environment and the deadlock in the Kurdish issue instigate further conflicts and deaths in the region. Bilici underlined that the insistence on current government policies will make the situation in the region worse, and pointed out that the AKP government imposes isolation on Kurdish people’s leader Abdullah Öcalan instead of leading the process of dialogue and negotiations demanded by many segments in Turkey.

Below a list of the statistical figures of main violations in the first four months of 2012;

* 56 members of security forces died, 119 injured in gunfights

* 122 PKK members died, 4 injured in gunfights

* 16 civilians killed, 75 injured in unsolved murders, extrajudicial killings and gunfights

* 13 people died in cases of suspected deaths

* 16 people died and 2 injured due to official neglect or mistake

* Two soldiers/police officers committed suicide and one other attempted suicide

* 14 women committed suicide and 4 attempted suicide

*19 men committed suicide and 8 attempted suicide

*10 children committed suicide and 3 attempted suicide

* 2675 people taken into custody

* 1006 people jailed

* 398 cases of torture and inhuman treatment

* 1386 subjected to investigation, lawsuit and penalty

* 84 political parties, unions, associations and cultural institutions subjected to raid and attack

* 9 political parties, unions, associations and cultural institutions closed

* 632 publications recalled and banned

* 292 cases of mother tongue ban in self-defense

* 1350 rights violations in prisons

* 73 cases of intervention in social events, 122 people injured

* 2176 asylum seekers and immigrants taken into custody

* 6 asylum seekers and immigrants died

* 40 cases of land, pasturage and grazing prohibition

* 25 cases of right violations as a result of military operations

* Claims of 9 mass graves where 39 people are buried

* 9 cases of treatment on bodies of dead militants

* 4292 cases of other violations

Total number of violations: 15109