100 of Kurdish hunger-strikers in Iranian prisons rich to border of death

MEPs hope Iran finds way to democracy and respect the human rights

Ararat News -Publishing (ANP) – Roni Alasor, 10/10/2008 / Brussels – Several hundreds of Kurdish political activists have been on hunger strike in Iranian prisons for the last 47 days to protest against the political repression of the fundamental rights of Kurds in that country. So long, the UN, US, and EU is silent…

According a solidarity committee for the hunger-strikers, eight of them are under threat of imminent execution, having been convicted by the (so-called) Iranian justice system of being "God’s enemies". The solidarity committee underlined that "Several Kurdish prisoners in Iran are literally starving! The international community must react and take the appropriate measures against Teheran. The Iranian regime considers that by executing these Kurds, by suppressing and executing democratic intellectuals, defenders of freedom and democracy and human rights activists, they will clear Iran of all dissidents and opponents."

However, last Thursday, 10 of October, Members of European Parliament (MEP) held a press conference at Press Room Anna Polytovskaya in the European Parliament in Brussels where they ask to the Iranian Islamic regime to find a human solution before hunger strikers lose their life. MEPs ask also to the hunger strikers to stop their action. The press conference was  supported by representatives of the "International Prisoners’ Solidarity Committee", the "Kurdish National Congress" KNK and Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK).

Mr. Adem UZUN (KNK), Vittorio AGNOLETOO (GUE/NGL), MEPs Paulo CASACA (PSE), Jean LAMBERT (Greens-EFA), Feleknas UCA (GUE/NGL) and Shamal BISIR (Sol.Com. for Prisoners/PJAK) was some of the European-MEPs and representatives from Kurdish organisations who show their solidarity  but at the same time they are worry for a danger future of the hunger-strikers. 

Mr. Paulo Casaca, Portuguese Socialist in European Parliament, joined the pledge for solidarity with the Kurdish activists arrested in Iranian prisons. Casaca hopes "that there are no more victims and that Iran finds its way to democracy and respect for human rights". Casaca also asked for access to the minutes of the meetings that the European Commission maintains with the Iranian regime and where aspects such as the inclusion of PMOI in the EU terrorist list are being use as a bargaining instrument.

On a officially declaration, MEP Jean Lambert from UK, said that the European Union is opposed to the death penalty and I fully support that position. She mentioned on many occasions, that the European Parliament has called on Iran not to carry out executions, just as we have called on the United States and other countries which still maintain this extreme punishment.

Lambert call also to the hunger strikers in Iran’s prisons to end this form of protest, to do not give the Iranian Government what it wants – that is, your death. Maintain your strength for the fight for your lives. You are supported, people across the world are joining the struggle with you.

She said "We are also be calling on the Iranian Government to ensure fair trials, where those accused have the right to a real and effective defence, which includes legal representation and having the means and opportunity to test witnesses and evidence. All those detained should be kept in humane conditions which ensure human dignity".

The Italian MEP Vittorio Agnoletto, underlined that, its not just Iran, but also other regimes as well as Turkey and Syria are not respecting the fundamental rights of the Kurds. He said that EU should send a delegation to Iran to make a report about the current situation of the Kurdish political prisoners.

Mr. Adem Uzun, Member of the Executive Council of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), said that they are supporting fully all the demands of the Kurdish prisoners and he condemn the policies of Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Uzun urge also the international community to act in right time before the lives of hunger-strikers become in a great danger.

"We, the Kurdistan National Kongress (KNK) are against all Iranian’s regime policies of executions, torture and ill-treatments of political and civil detainees that violate all international human rights, laws and standards. Iranian judiciary system and its institutions should be reviewed in accordance with both human rights conventions and international prohibition of torture’s agreement and should be  democratized, said Mr. Uzun in his speech.

He highlighted the situation of the hunger-strikers once again and  appeal to all human rights organizations and institutions around the world, all intellectuals, all political and individuals to follow up on the situation of the Kurds and Kurdish prisoners in Iran.

Head of Foreign Affair of Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), Shamal Bisir also take place in the press conference and he was informed all the difficulties the hunger-strikers has passed in the last 47 days.

He said that, after the takeover of the Shiite political elite with the Islamist-nationalist ideological orientation in 1979 until today, oppression, assimilation, torture, executions and murders have been a major part of the lives of the political activists, and the ethnic and religious minorities.

The representative of PJAK informed the public opinion "The Kurdish people have always been an important element in the fight for democracy and the realization of universal human values and standards in Iran. In recent years and after a long political vacuum in Iran and Eastern Kurdistan, students, women activists and teachers in the Kurdish region have played a leading role in the country. All these above-mentioned social groups have had leading roles in the oppositional stance against the rulers of the country on the issue of democracy and freedom."

"The answer from the current regime with their oppressed institutions such as the Revolutionary Guards has been to revolutionize the increased militarization of the Kurdish area, hindering the entry of any Kurdish magazines and imprisoning journalists and school teachers as well as students."

"A hunger strike started on August 25, 2008, by Kurdish political dissidents and prisoners and has today reached its 45th day. The hunger strike is concurrently held in the prisons of Tehran, Mariwan, Sine, Mako, Urmye, Saghez, Mahabad and Mako."

"The hunger strike is a stand against the Iranian Islamic Republic’s undemocratic policies, the prison situation, the country’s legal system and lack of human rights as well as torture and the death penalty in the country. One and halve months of struggle has passed for the prisoners but the Islamist regime has yet not met the democratic rights as the prisoners are fighting for. This of anything is a testimony to the rulers and the outside world about the determination and the struggle of the Kurdish people for democracy and human rights in the country."

"Moreover the hunger strike has managed to transform the regime’s dark prisons into platforms for unity and resistance against the regime’s undemocratic methods.The hunger strike has also succeeded in shedding light on the prisoners’ situation, the existing policy, the non-profit organizations, activists and especially women activists in the Iranian regime’s prisons and it has also led to an update on the Kurdish issue and the situation of the other ethnicities in the country, while the whole world is busy with the nuclear issue and the financial crisis."

"We hereby urge the Kurdish prisoners to end the hunger strike as we see that it has fulfilled its purpose of emphasizing the situation of the prisoners in the Iranian prisons and the otherwise cruel treatment that the prisoners are subjected to, as well as the prisoner’s determination to continue with the hunger strike on an unlimited basis."