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BAGHDAD, May 19, 2014— Iraq’s Independent High Electoral Commission (IHEC) announced on Monday May 19 the official results of the parliamentary elections held on April 30.

According to the result of the polls held in April 30 Kurdish parties, Kurds won 62 seats out of 328 seats all across the state.

Following is the result of the elections in the three provinces of the Kurdish region:

Slêmanî [Sulaimaniyah]

1. Gorran (Change Movement) 7 seats
2. PUK 6 seats
3. KDP 2 seats
4. Islamic Unity 2 seats
5. Islamic Communities 1 seat

Hewlêr – [Erbil]

1. KDP 7 seats
2. PUK 4 seats
3. Gorran 2 seats
4. Islamic Communities 2 seats


1. KDP 8 seats
2. Islamic Communities 2 seats
3. PUK 1 seat

In Erbil province, the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) obtained seven seats, the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) four, Gorran (Change Movement) two and the Kurdistan Islamic Group (KIG) has gained two.

In Slêmanî [Sulaimaniyah] province, Gorran won seven seats, PUK six, KDP and KIU gained two each and KIG one.

In Duhok province, KDP won eight seats, PUK one and KIU gained two seats.

In Kirkuk province, PUK has gained six seats, KDP gained two, al-Arabiya bloc gained one and Turkmen Front gained two seats. The head of PUK list and Kirkuk Governor Najmaddin Karim has gained most of the votes in the province which is more than 150,000 votes.

In Baghdad province, the Sate of Law Coalition (Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s bloc) has gained 30 seats, Mutahidun four seats, Ahrar bloc six seats, Muwatin Coalition five seats and Iraqi National Accord 10 seats.

In Anbar province, out of 11 seats Mutahidun has gained four seats and al-Arabiya Alliance gained two seats.

In Wasit province, six seats for the State of Law Coalition, two seats for Muwatin Coalition and three seats for Ahrar bloc.

In Missan province, Stated of Law Coalition won four seats, Ahrar gained three, Muwatin Coalition gained two and one for National Reform Trend.

In Basra province out of 24 seats, State of Law Coalition won 12 seats, Muwatin Coalition gained six, Ahrar gained three and National Reform Trend gained two.

In Babylon province out of 16 seats, State of Law Coalition gained seven seats, Muwatin Coalition gained three, Babylon Ahrar gained three and Iraqi National Accord gained one.

In Ziqar province out of 18 seats, the State of Law Coalition has gained eight seats, Muwatin Coalition gained four and Ahrar has won two.

In Salahaddin province out of 10 seats, al-Arabiya Coalition gained three, Mutahidun gained three and Iraqi National Accord gained two.

In Najaf province out of nine seats, State of Law Coalition won six and Ahrar one.

In Karbala province, the State of Law Coalition has gained seven seats, Ahrar two, Muwatin Coalition gained one and Fazila gained one seat.

In Muthanna province, State of Law Coalition has gained four seats, Muwatin Coalition gained two and Ahrar has gained one.

In al-Qadisya province out of eleven seats, State of Law Coalition has gained five seats, Ahrar gained two, Muwatin Coalition gained one and Islamic Dawa Party gained one.

In Diyala province, State of Law Coalition has gained three seats, Diyala is our Identity Coalition gained five, Iraqi National Accord gained two, Peaceful Kurdistan gained two and Ahrar gained one seat.

In Nineveh province out of 31 seats, Mutahidun gained 12 seats, Kurdistan Alliance gained six, National gained four, National Nineveh Coalition gained three, al-Arabiya Coalition gained three, PUK gained two and Iraqi Coalition gained one.

According to IHEC’s official results, Maliki alone has gained more than 727,000 votes.

The overall number of seats for Kurdish parties in the Iraqi Parliament are the following: KDP won 25 seats, PUK won 21, Gorran gained nine, KIG gained three and KIU gained four seats. In this case, Kurds have gained 62 out of 328 seats of the Iraqi parliament which makes 19% of Iraq.

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