Since January 2008 at least 229 Kurdish NGO and political activist have been detained by the government of the Islamic republic of Iran.  Over 58 people have been killed by security forces of Iran and at least 36 have injured.  During the last ten months at least 16 people have been killed or injured by land mine, that are being planted by the security forces of regime.
During the last ten months at least 102 people have sentenced to between 4 months to life imprisonment. 9 people have been condemned to death and 16 people are executed in Kurdistan jails.  So far in 2008 in Iran, 237 people are executed by Islamic republic of Iran with 18 of them have been juveniles.
The security forces of Islamic republic have forced people out of 8 Kurdish villages. They have been forced out of their homes due to bombarding of their villages.  There has been extensive material damage to the property and possessions of many citizens including industrial equipments and livestock; furthermore, over 200 shops have been closed down and thousands of satellite dishes have been confiscated.
Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan calls upon all the human rights organizations, International Community and democratic governments to take an urgent action against ongoing human rights violation in Iranian Kurdistan. Regrettably, Iran’s defiance to the international community especially in regards to its nuclear program has shifted the attention of the world community from the increasing violation of human and national rights of Kurdish people in Iran and other parts of Iran.  We call upon the international community to use their political and diplomatic leverage to prevent the Islamic Republic of Iran from continuing human rights violations against the Kurdish people in Iran.
Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan – Bureau of International Relations
Paris, October 22, 2008