Zorava: Cleaning campaign lasted three weeks

 A cleanness campaign ended yesterday, which started three 3 weeks ago in Zorava neighborhood with most of the Kurdish population in capital, Damascus, where the campaign was organized by the Commission services of the kurdish high Commission and witnessed special participation from most residents of all ages and including children.

 The confederation of  Kurdish students held a conference
in Bilbile ,Efrin

A Kurdish national students have contracted an educational meeting lately in Bilbile ,  Efrin, the meeting saw the participation of dozens of Kurdish students from university , high school students and junior high school.

TEV-DEM( Democratic Society Movement) makes people’s councils in west of Kurdistan´s villages

Complementing the project self-governance that TEV-DEM implements in Western Kurdistan, is establishing People’s Councils in all villages and Kurdish areas, Has recently been established councils people in  Mrsawa ( seran township ) ,  in Gemrok ( mobeta township) and xirbî jehwe , kerkî township )

RajoThe People ‘s Council  opens a new people House in

Within the self-management project , the people council in rajo town inaugurated  the popular house in the township , and the inauguration was attended by hundreds of people of the town and its villages.

 Saleh Muslim ensures the Kurdish unity at a confrance in Oslo

The head of the Democratic Union Party and a member of the senior in the Supreme Kurdish Council Salêh Muslim spoke at the conference in the Norwegian city of “Srasburg” attended by hundreds of the kurdish people to explore the latest events and developments in the Syrian revolution and the revolution in Western Kurdistan.
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