French News Source: First time in French media, unprecedented attention to a visit of Kurdish lead to France
The co-chair president of Democratic Union Party has arrived last night to the French capital Paris coming from Bon – Germany where he held there a popular open seminar on Sunday ,and as soon as he reached to Paris wherein he got welcome by a delegation of Kurdish community and some of our party members, he met with some of Kurdish people friends and in a call with one of his accompanied member from the delegation , he said: several French press/media had a press briefings and dialogues with him including ‘’Le Monde’’ which is one of the most famous French/international newspapers, he also added that this is an unprecedented interest shown by French press and some political mediums toward a visit of in charge person or a Kurdish party leader. He got interviewed by ‘’Harlod hayman’’- BFM TV, met with French diplomatist / journalist ‘’Inyas Levebre’’ and with specialist in Kurdish affair ‘’Chris Kutshera’’ , he met with journalist ‘’Bassam Tayara’’ and some other French journalists , some of them: Christophe Ayad – Le Monde , Etienne Huver – Radio F1 , Richard Labaviere (France defence ministry consultant) and Armenag Aprahamian ( Armenian National Council representative).
The President Of Democratic Union Party & The member in The Supreme Kurdish Council ‘’Salih Muslim’’: We will Never Deal With Who Are Not Admitting By Kurdish Existence.
Salih Muslim (The president of Democratic Union Party) holds series of meetings and seminars in several European cities on occasion of the ninth anniversary of the party, one seminar out of this series , he held a republic seminar in Bon – Germany attended by different  Kurdish political kinds , organizations representatives and arts & political corporations.
Regarding to the mechanism party handling with the Syrian crisis and the party attitude about Syrian revolution arming, Salih said:
‘’ We were knowing that the army and intelligence who are specialized in disciplined killing and torture will never give up the regime easily  and we have warned from the beginning of the revolution militarization, why?, because  the regime is skilled in the intelligential game and they have the professional military and intelligential force, we have emphasised at the same time on right of the people to defend themselves and within this frame  of reading the Syrian event and its social , political and military components, we have fixed a plan which enable us to protect western Kurdistan and avoided it away of destruction and devastation and we did our best to prevent converting our region into a destructive war square such as where is happening in several Syrian cities and we always rely upon our people realization/awareness to organize themselves.
Regarding to what were said about withdrawal of Syrian army out of west Kurdistan cities in agreement with Syrian government , he said: ‘’ This not right because Kurdish people is vital people, able to organize themselves , manage themselves and by civilized way’’.
President of Democratic Union Party rounded off his speech by saying: ‘’ We will never ever allow the same mistake which happened in the period between both world wars to repeat, when Kurds have missed a historical real chance because they hadn’t a realized aware leads who have enough realization to manage and organize people’’ Salih emphasised that organizing societies is a guarantee for their victories against enemies.
Popular Councils
Amude: Meeting for the Yazidis Kurd in Qazla Chox Village
On Friday ,a meeting was held in Qazla Chox (related to Amude City) for the Yazidis Kurd, with the presence of a number of members of the Yazidis’s House in Amude which is scheduled to be open in the coming period unit the completion of its processing. The meeting focused on two important points, which are the opening to the Yazidis’s House in Gazla Chox Village and performing Hajj in Laalash in Southern of Kurdistan.
Opening People’s House in Gerbawi Village
In Gerbawi Village (related to Qamishlo City), the Popular Council opened yesterday its own People’s house. And in the presence of hundreds of people from the village with the participation of neighbourhoods Popular Councils delegations and Unions of People’s council related to Qamishlo City.
Health Committees Activities in Western Kurdistan
Deyrek: The conclusion of Nursing Course in Xana Sare
A Nursing Course was rounded off yesterday in Xana Sare village (related to Deyrek City). Where the course has been set up in anticipation of emergency situations in the country, which may require qualified medical staff who can deal with emergency cases.
Events for Youth Organization in Western Kurdistan
Youth Meeting in Shytko Village
Youth organization held a meeting in Shytko Village (related to Mobata town in Efrin City) in the presence of dozen of village youths. The goal of this meeting was to strengthening, organization and protection of Kurdish villages and to discuss the importance of youth and their role in the revolution.
Repercussions of Security situation in Syria
A detainee since two years by an unknown Side!
Hanan Mohamad Haydar’s family -from Qoort Qolaq village in Efrin City- says that Hanan was abducted since two years by unknown persons and nothing is known about him since then.
According to witnesses, Hanan was arrested by a black car belonging to the Syrian regime while he was went to work. Up to now, there are no news about him and nobody knows at which prison he could be.
Killing of Kurdish Citizen Akram Ali by the Syrian Regime Forces
Yesterday the Kurdish citizen Akram (57 years old) was shot deadly by Syrian regime forces in the bus, where was travelling from the Syrian capital Damascus to Qamishlo city in Western Kurdistan.