GIRKE LEGE: Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria Hold a meeting in the city
Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria held yesterday an expanded meeting in the town of Girke lege  in order to dicuss the recent developments in the region.
Ahmes Suleiman of the Central Committee,  pointed  out the role of the Kurdish people in the Syrian revolution, and condemned the reaction of some of the  opposition parties which are ignoring the Kurdish cause..
Suleiman stressed the role of the Supreme Kurdish Council in representing the kurdish will and that it should play an active role in voicing the Kurdish cause in the Syrian opposition.
He also praised the role of the military committee, supervised by  the Supreme Kurdish Council and called on all parties to join them to protect western Kurdistan.
Tel Hamis: clashes between the regular Syrian Army and the armed groups
Firat news agency reported that clashes continue between armed groups and the regular army in the area of tel Hamis. According to reports, the Syrian regular army has since yesterday bombed many many locations.
The sources confirmed that the ongoing clashes were accompanied by artillery shelling by the forces of the Syrian regime. They also reported that several shells fell on villages of Rekabye and Tel Ghazal. Tens of people were wounded as a consequence.,
The clashes led to the displacement of the population the nearby villages.,
Formation the first battalion of women’s protection units in western Kurdistan
The People Protection Units in the Jenderes area announced the formation of a battalion of women’s protection units in western Kurdistan. The unit was named ” the Rukan battalation” to honor the name of Rukan who sacrified her life for the Kurdish issue.
Axin Nujin, the commander of the battalion, gave a speech during the opening ceremony, she stressed the importance for women to take part in defending their land, and militarily as well as socially She added that more women’s protection units would be declared in the upcoming days.

Meeting held between the Democratic Society Movement and tribal representatives to form a civil council in Tirbespye
An delegation of the Dilomatic relations Committee met representatives from Arab and Assyrian tribes. The meeting discussed the possibility of forming a civil council for the town to run the affairs of the people.
The Supreme Kurdish Council announced today the signing of an agreement in Tirbespye city. The Supreme Kurdish Council, the Arab National Authorities, together with Representatives of Yezidiz and Assyrians, signed the agreement.
The agreement recognizes the establishment of a civil council in the city, representing all of its components.
Serê Kaniyê: the Relief Committee distributed the second batch of aid
The Relief Committee of the Supreme Kurdish Council distributed yesterday the second batch of aid sent from the people of southern Kurdistan.
The Relief Committee distributed aid to fourteen centers in the city center, which in turn distributed it to the citizenz.
Three Civillians Dead in Clashes in Tilhasel
Three civilians were killed and dozens more were wounded in the town of Tilhasel, after violent clashes erupted between the regular army and armed groups..
According to local sources, as a result from the shelling between the two parties, the wife of the towns mayor and his 15 year old daughter Fatima Kalou, together with a civilian called Mohammed Kalou were killed.
According to witnesses, militants  of the Jabhat Alnasra took the spoils of the military convoy, which had been sent by the regime’s forces. This forces them to retreat from the area.
.Serê Kaniyê
The Announcement of forming a temporary civil council
An establishment of a civil council for he city of Serê Kanîyê was announced. Both Khaled Elhur and Mari Hasan will chair the council, and it consists of 20 representatives from all the components of the city.
The formation of the local council is a result from the agreement, which took place at a meeting between the Kurdish Supreme National Commission for Protecting Civil Peace and the Revolution, headed by Michel Kilo.
According to Dr Joan Mustafa, the spokesman of the civil Council of the City, the council consists of twenty people and under its control there are many specialized committees including areas such as judicial, service, agricultural, media and relief. The Council includes all components and segments of the city.
On the other hand Joan Mustafa described Serê Kanîyê as a plagued city and called all international and humanitarian organizations for help and to participate in the reconstruction.
Violence in Syria
Til Hamis is under the control of armed groups and fear hangs over the neighboring Kurdish villages
A Firat news agency reporter said that the PPU and the villagers of Tel Merouf and Tel hamis put barriers on the outskirts of their borders, anticipating attacks by armed groups .
Moreover, witnesses from the village of Qalat Alhadi in Western Kurdstan reported that militants from Jabhat alnusra  carrying explosive devices roam between villages and they are demanding villagers to surrender their weapons or join them. Witnesses confirmed that they have seen ” Egyptians and Afghans with long beards ” among them.
The official of Jabhat al Nusra in Qalaat Alhady village is thought to be Mohamed Al-Mady, who is accompanied by dozens of cars loaded with dochka weapons.
Restrictions on the teaching of Kurdish language
Serê Kanîyê: teachers in the city organized a sit down protest  to condemn the banning of the Kurdish language
Teachers in Serê Kanîyê organized a sit down protest in the neighborhood of  Al Hawwarna in Serê Kanîyê to  condemn  the decision of the Syrian regime, to ban teaching kurdish in schools. The protest coincided with the celebration of the International day for Mother Languages.
The Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria
: Distribution of Kurdish language certificates
A new batch of students of the Kurdish language was graduated in city of Derbassiyeh. The Kurdish Language Institute of the Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria have distributed the Certificates to all students who passed their exams.
The Kurdish Red Crescent
Aid distribution in Serê Kanîyê
The relief Committee of the Red Kurdish Crescent has distributed a batch of essential materials to the citizens of Serê Kanîyê. The aid included basic goods for infants. The distribution covered  Alkhrapat and Zaradasht and th Albaladi neighborhoods.

Cilaxa after its liberation
Former government building turn to Asayish (Police) center:
After liberating the town of Cilaxa, the PPU handed the security affairs to the Asayish, which quickly turned the old government building to their center.
The leader of the people protection units PPU,  Bilal Rojava, explained that they have handed the center to the Asayish and added : after forming the civil councils and other service committees in the town, the PPU will withdraw from the town and leave it to the care of civil institutions so that their citizens will be able to run their affairs themselves.
Hamza Mohammed: Representative of the Kurdish Left Party in Kobani
We reject any military force, which refuses to operate under flag of the Supreme Kurdish Council
 Hamza Mohammed representative of the Kurdish Left Party in the Kobani said that his party would not in any case accept military forces which does operate under the directives of the Supreme Kurdish Council..
Mohammed described the military committee of the Supreme Kurdish Council as the only guarantee for the Kurdish people to maintain their security and national rights in western Kurdistan.
He added that the presence of a military unit not represented by the Supreme Kurdish Council would lead to chaos in the area
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