On Saturday, in conferences hall in French Parliament, the first consultancy conference was held which called by the National Kurdish Conference to look for the ways and mechanisms of supporting Kurdish people in western Kurdistan and Syria, 31 Kurdish parties representatives have attended the conference, they came from out & inside Kurdistan.
The consultancy conference was held in the presence of:
– The Ruling Socialist Party ( Dr. Alan Amune).
– Democratic Athurian Organization Branch in France (Linda Birsh).
– French Green Party which is part of French Government.
– Socialist French Party.
– Representatives of Armenian Community.

Mrs. Sinam Muhamad has delivered a speech under the name of The Supreme Kurdish Council assuring that: ‘’ The Kurdish Council emanated out of our real desire  as a Kurdish Syrian parties and this desire is growing day after day’’ and she carried on saying: ‘’Yes, there is kind of delay in implementing all agreement items, but we have to admit that the situation is dangerous and security, economical, social and political stresses on us’’

The official spokesman of the Supreme Kurdish Council and member of political office of the Democratic Progressive Party, Mr. Ahmad Suliman, has delivered a speech  saying: ‘’ We are thanking The national Kurdish Conference KNK which attended and held this conference and we thank France as a government and people who accepted to hold this conference in its capital’’.
Suliman added that ‘’the political work in Syria has stopped and Syrian opposition with its mistakes is not able anymore to do anything, especially when it got transfer from peaceful into militarily, and regional interference plus the scatter in Syrian Opposition which increased the fears of the Syrian people’’.

After following all points of conference programme and listening to all Kurdish parties words and interventions of all Kurdish political and educational, Assyrian , Syriac and Armenian figures, and the final statement was issued after getting the agreement of all participant about all included items.
Round Off Statement of the Expanded Consultative Meeting Included the Following Points:
1. Kurdish People in Western Kurdistan expressed their legitimate demands in a democratic and peaceful way and carried on strengthening its political institutions and regrouped them in all respects.
2. Kurdish People showed a wise manner with events and developments which are happening in Syria, where parties and Kurdish forces took the same distance from the regime in Damascus and the loyal opposition to the Turkish government.
3. In order to protect the Kurdish areas and publishing stability and safety, Kurdish People baptized into the formation forces and committees.
4. The supreme Kurdish Council is organizing the ranks of Kurdish people and the establishment of various committees at all levels, in order to protect the Kurdish people and ensure safety and security.
5. The other nationalities who lives in Western Kurdistan should be protected, such as Armenians, Assyrians, Chaldeans.  There should be a place for them within the democratic Self-management system in Western of Kurdistan
6. Kurds in Western of Kurdistan are ready to live with their neighbours in a Democratic and peaceful way.
7. Kurds in Western of Kurdistan are seeking in their homeland to build a democratic and secular system, based on respect of law and human rights.

8. The Expanded Consultancy Meeting decided that all political Kurdish forces should go on in ensuring the support for western Kurdistan in the current sensitive stage.

9. The Expanded Consultative Meeting called all Kurdish people and their political forces to sustain their union by the shared work in all aspects and work frames and assuming the status of peace and agreement between themselves as a redline.

10. The Expanded Consultative Meeting called the territory government of South Kurdistan to facilitate a passage on the border with western Kurdistan.

11. The Expanded Consultative Meeting has criticized the aggressive stand of Turkish Government against Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan.

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