Massive demonstrations swept Western Kurdistan to condemn the assassination of Kurdish activists in Paris.
Tens of thousands of Kurdistanians in the cities Afrin, Kobani, Qamishlo, Derbasah, `Amuda,Tirbespiye, Derek and all the surrounding villages took part  in mass demonstrations, condemning the assassination of three Kurdish activists ” Sakina Jancis, Fidan Dugan, Lila soilamaz ” which were killed in the French capital Paris on the ninth of this month. The demonstrators expressed their anger and vowed to blame the French government in case it does not carry out its responsibilities and disclose the reasons and circumstances of the crime.
Thousands of Kurds living in the Syrian cities such as Aleppo, Damascus and Raqqaa also demonstrated and condemned the assassination of the Kurdish activists. They blamed the Turkish government and accused it of being responsible for the assassinations. All demonstrations also expressed that this criminal act was directed at the entire Kurdish people.

Kurdish parties in Western Kurdistan condemns the crime committed in Paris and demanded the French government to disclose and prosecute the criminals
All Kurdish parties in Syria condemned the massacre committed against the three Kurdish activists. Ahmed Suleiman the spokesman for the Kurdish Supreme Council condemned  Paris massacre. Suleiman confirmed that the Paris massacre was a direct attack on the Kurdish will , and the will of the Kurdish people in Western Kurdistan under these sensitive circumstances. Suleiman furthermore stated that the three assassinated activists were martyrs of Kurdistan. Saleh Muslim co-chair of the Democratic Union Party condemned the  assassination of Kurdish activists, saying this crime was an attack on the Kurdish people.
The presidency of the National Kurdish Council issued a statement which said .. “We strongly condemn this terrorist act which targeted the Kurdish people and aimed to hinder the attempt of finding a peaceful solution for the Kurdish case”. The statement furthermore called upon the French Government to disclose the criminals.
 The organization for a democratic society (TEV-DEM) also issued a statement and said “Yesterday the hands of a gang of criminals succeded to reach the three Kurdish activitists: Sakinh Jansaz and Fidan Dugan and Leila Suellemaz. Such hideous crimes can only be expected from the descendants of Turan and the likes of Genghis KhanParis is supposed to represent the idea of freedom and democracy, but the enemies of humanity did not respect neither the people nor the laws, and went ahead in their crime. This is not the first time that the Turkish regime insult  the European people and European laws  “
Hamid Darwish, secretary of the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria, condemned the assassinations of the Kurdish activists. He described the perpetrators as terrorists and asserted that chauvinists elements who are against the Kurdish cause have planned for this crime in order to sabotage any attempt for finding solution for the Kurdish question.
The Kurdish Democratic Left Party in Syria also condemned the assassination, stressing that terrorism is practiced everywhere against the Kurdish will. The statement went on and said that these crimes would not affect the Kurdish struggle for human rights.

The presidency of the Kurdish National Congress in Syria issued its final statement
Presidency of the Kurdish National Congress in Syria issued its final statement of its second conference, which was held on the tenth of this month in the city of Qamishlo in the presence of 211 delegates representing all spectrums of the Kurdish community;  parties and independents, women and young revolutionary movements.
The statement issued by the Presidency of the Conference declared that a new Syria must be a democratic federal state with multiple nationalities, religions and sects all represented politically. It must adopt a parliamentary system committed to international conventions and human rights principles. Finally it must recognize the existence of the Kurdish people and their legitimate national rights in a just constitution.
The Conference also stressed the need to work with the Syrian opposition to overthrow the repressive regime with all its symbols .The statement asserted the  importance and urgency for  working on a political solution in the country and the need to apply the Rule of Law through a transitional stage.  We must renounce and condemn all forms of sectarian and religious conflicts. The statement said that the convention of Hewler should be implemented and the Kurdish unity must be preserved.

Syrian regime seeks to create sectarian strife in Rimelan

       According to local sources the Syrian regime is trying to create sectarian strife between the components of the region by setting them against each other. According to the sources, the regime have lured some young adolescents from our Arab brothers and sent elements of the Baathist Shabiha to attack Kurdish units. They were however soon encircled by Kurdish YPG forces in an area close to Girzero village which lie 25 km east of the city Rimelan ..Some dissident soldiers emphasized that the Syrian regime is using all its efforts to turn the different components of the region against each other, especially among the Kurds and arabs.

Clashes between people’s protection units (YPG) and the Syrian regular army in Gir Zero

According to local sources in the area of Gujarat, clashes occured between the protection units and members of the regular army in the village of Gir Zero. Gir Zero,  is located about 20 kilometers east of the city Rimelan. According to the sources, the protection units had surrounded the battalion which include about 200 members of the Syrian regular army. The clashes began after the people’s protection units demanded the regular army members to leave the area.

Syrian Military distributes weapons in the eastern part of Nashwa district in Hasakah

       According to local sources in  the city of Hasaka, the syrian millitary forces with the help of  intelligence services have distributed weapons in the  eastern neighborhood of Nashwa village  to a number of Arab youths who were recently released from prisons.

      According to the sources, the people who recieved the weapons were prisoners in Syrian jails on charges of rape , sexual harassment , drug abuse and ethical misconduct. Each person has received a Kalashnikov with bullet cases. .

Under the control of Syrian security forces  most Kurdish neighborhoods in  Aleppo are without electricity

       A special source from the General Electricity Company in Aleppo reported that  the Syrian security have demanded that  the company do not supply kurdish neighborhoods with electricity. The source confirmed to Firat news agency that cutting electricity from kurdish neighboordhoods is for “security reasons” and he added “security directives prevent the company to repair the faults affecting the power grid feeding Kurdish neighborhoods in Aleppo, particularly the Sheikh Maqsud and Ashrafieh districts.

Provocation and the arrest of Kurdish citizens in Aleppo by the Baath battalion

The Baath  Battalion, a part of the Syrian Republican Guard, which placed a barrier in front of the mall between Ashrafieh and old assyrian district , have arrested a young Kurdish actvist Idris Arif Musa for nearly twenty days.
The Baath Battalion which is stationed there, arrest and abuse people and stops all the vehicles passing stealing electronic audio and all commodities that people carry for trade purposes.

Armed groups of the free Army loot a cattle station in Tel Temer
Armed groups belonging to the FSA attacked a cattle station, with the aim of stealing cattles and other devices in the station..
 According to local sources, the free army entered  the station with the assistance of some officials, in order to steal the cattles. They also stirred problems within the city and attempted to turn the components of the city against each other so that they can do what they previously  did in the city of Sere kanye. Sources confirmed that alot of resentment was detected between the inhabitants in the city , who condemned the actions of the free army, aiming to destroy livestock in the region which belongs to all citizens, and employ many people .

Democratic Union Party (PYD) and merchants in the city of Hasaka hand out winter clothes for YPG

Committees of the Democratic Union Party in Hasaka, in cooperation with merchants have distributed winter clothes for the people’s protection units (YPG) in the center of Tel Pedder and Derbassiyeh city.
The Democratic Union Party made the campaign possible with the help of donations from a group of traders in Hasaka.

Military Housing Foundation fired 236 workers from their work in Hasaka

The Foundation of  Military Housing in Hasaka Branch No. 4 / / has recently fired  236 administrative workers  who were  employed under annual contracts two years ago. The staff was informed orally via a phone call from the Ministry of Damascus.

Medical Committee   Batch of nursing students graduates from Tirbespiye:
The Medical committee has graduated the first batch of nursing students in the city of Tirbespiye after two months of training.
The student were trained in first aid and how to deal with situations such as pulse pressure, sutures, injections of various kinds, as well as to identify the most important medicines in everyday situations. The graduated students expressed great gratitude and thanked the supervisors, promising to do their best and serve  society. They also called on young people to join simiar activities..
  Morever, a second training session has opened in Afrin  where a batch of students  graduated a few days ago..

Rashid  Kurd Center gradutes a new batch of Kurdish-language students

       Rashid Kurd center have  recently graduated a new batch of Kurdish language students  in Amouda. The center held a graduation party  and  distributed certificates to the students .

Western Kurdistan suffer from  baby milk shortage

Because of the  crisis in Syria and western Kurdistan, the country suffers from a loss  of basic materials which are necessary for the daily lifes of citizens.
Sadly children pay the highest price of the blockade imposed on Western Kurdistan, beacuse of shortage of the most basic necessities, including babymilk.
Milk is naturally essential for children but as a result from the blockade imposed on the western Kurdistan, it has virtually non-existen on the market, and if found, the prices are too high that no body can aquire it.
In this regard, the reporter of Firat news agency in Kobani met a number of citizens and pharmacists to assess the situation. People complained heavily and urged the international community to lift the embargo. It is worth mentioning that the markets in Kobani and the western regions of Kurdistan in general suffer from a lack of essential food necessities for children.
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