“We don’t want Kurds here” shouted the racist group while attacking workers who had to leave their hometowns and find work in other provinces because of economic problems in the region.

Following the attack last night, the group has once again come to the working area of Kurdish construction workers this morning. Tension continues in the area where assailants are waiting, loudly saying that ‘Kurdish workers won’t get out alive”.

Speaking to DIHA, worker Ferhat Tuğran told the event as follows; “They came here last night and wrote ‘This place belongs to Turks’ on the wall of the building we are constructing. We cleaned the writing when they left the area but after a bit, a group of around 100 people came again and asked us why we had removed their writing. They afterwards threatened us to leave their place where they didn’t want to see Kurds they shouted. Soon after they attacked and fired on us. Some have been wounded. This morning they came here again to lynch us. Police has blockaded us and we don’t have a security of life here.”

Tuğran called on relevant institutions to show sensitivity to the situation.  (DIHA, December 1, 2011)