Iranian Kurds, violation of human rights in Iran and Kurdish Genocide in 1988 in Iraq where more then 180.000 Kurdish civilian has been killed, will be on focus in the European Parliament.

Ararat News -Publishing (ANP), Fiona Lorin / Roni Alasor – 27/3/2009 / Brussels – A roundtable on Iranian Kurds and violation of human rights in the Islamic republic of Iran will be held on Tuesday, 31 March in the European Parliament (EP). The conference is organised by the Socialist Member of EP Paulo Casaca. Among the speakers are Asso Hassanzadeh, Head of International Relations of Kurdistan Democrat Party (KDP-Iran), Golaleh Sharafkandi from the Democratic Women’s Union, in Iranian Kurdistan, Mostafa Shalmashi, Head of Foreign Committee and Member of the Politburo of KDP (Iran) and Kawa Ahangari, Brussels Representative of KDP (Iran).

The second conference "The Genocide on Kurds in 1988" will be held on Thursday, 2 April in the EP. The event is organised by Olle Schmidt, MEP from ALDE (Alliance of Liberals and Democrats in Europe), and the Kurdish Gulan association from Sweden. The aim of the conference is to raise awareness about Saddam Hussein’s genocide campaign, Anfal, against the Kurds in 1988 when some 182 000 people were killed, according to official figures.

Among the speakers of the conference are Salaheddin Saleh, (Kurdish association Gulan, Sweden), Burhan Jaf (Representative of the KRG Brussels), Marie Tuma (judge of international matters at the supreme court in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina), Dr.Bakhatyar Aljaf (International Director at the Institute for Middle-East and Balkan Studies), Dr. Munther Al Fadhal (PhD of Civil Law, Expert of Human Rights. Sweden), Chnar Abdullah (Minister of Anfal and Martyrs – Kurdistan-Iraq), Dr Mohammed Ihsan (Minister of extra Regional Affairs, KRG).

The Anfal and Halabja

The term ‘Anfal’ which means ‘spoils of war’ is the name of the eighth chapter of the Qura’an which came to the prophet in the wake of his first jihad against the non-believers. The Iraqi government used this word to refer to a series of military operations which targeted Kurdish Muslims in the north of Iraq from February to September 1988. The single most known attack was conducted using gas against the city of Halabja where 5000 people were killed.

All those crimes against humanity was done by Saddam Hussein and his first cousin Ali Hassan al-Majid, well known as Chemical Ali who was responsible in Kurdistan region in Iraq from to 1987 to 1989. Chemical Ali use a systematic campaign of mass killings against Kurdish civilian and he destroyed also several 1000 of Kurdish villages under order "Within their jurisdiction, the armed forces must kill any human being or animal present in these areas."

Saddam has gone, the last week Chemical Ali was sentenced to death for the third time against Kurds and Iraqi Shia, and the other criminals is waiting for their tour….