Published by Iran Rights Transparency (IRT) on the 16th of March 2016

The recent controversial mass male executions in Iran, was rejected by top Iranian officials like Larijani, but Baloch sources, say they know at least four other villages whose male members are executed. Iran widely conducted mass male executions. So far we know of four villages whose male members are executed: Baloch political and rights activist

Executions in Baluchistan - Iran. / Web photo

Executions in Baluchistan – Iran. / Web photo

IRT – The recent news of mass execution of a village’s male population in Iran created controversial reactions, while top Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani underplayed concerns about the issue, Baloch sources report, Iran conducted more mass male executions in many other villages in Baluchistan.

The recent leak of mass executions in Iran, confirmed by deputy president Mrs. Molaverdi, created an embarrassing situation for Iranian authorities at International level. Following the publicity, top Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani, in his interviews, including with CNN, minimized both the number and situation, the executions were carried out.

Baloch sources report the scale of executions is larger than seen, stating the Iranian authorities executed male population of many other villages, as researched by Baloch activists and human rights researchers. London based Baloch activist Reza Hossein Borr, told IRT “The human rights researchers conducted several researches and found that there were many other villages, at least four other villages whose male members are executed,”.

The Baluchistan region in Iran, is a closed area with little access to the outside world, therefore, Iranian authorities carry out adversities silently and hidden from the eyes of media, rights groups and the world community. Hossein Borr further explains the government of Iran, has erected a huge wall at the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan, with wires at the top of the wall. No individual can pass those walls and drugs smuggling is impossible for ordinary citizens. According to this Baloch activist, drugs smuggling is carried out by security forces of Iran, through official gates, built along the walls to monitor the movements across the border.

He maintains, to justify massacres and ethnic cleansing in Balochistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, labels innocent ordinary people as drug dealers and executes them. This is a terrible crime in its nature, as executing innocent persons and then discrediting them as drug dealers. It is against all human rights and United Nations conventions.

Hossein Borr complains, the Baloch people are massacred, because they protest deprivations and policies that cause poverty in their region. The Islamic Republic of Iran expects Baloch people to be silent and punish them, by deliberate discriminations, persecutions, executions, ethnic cleansing and genocide carried out in Baluchistan.

Borr continues, Iranian officials react contradictory and differently. Officials in security forces announced they have been executed because of their involvement in anti-government campaigns. The security forces so far have accepted that the executed people were involved in anti-government activities, but they did not specify their activities.

“In fact, they have been just protesting peacefully against poverty and deprivations, requesting better conditions and services like water, school and electricity for their villages,” Borr says “It seems that most of political, human rights activists and reporters, wish to ignore the violation of human rights in Baluchistan. I believe this will be forgotten very soon unless everybody who respect human dignity of Baloch people, take it to the attention of the United Nations, media, journalists, politicians and think tanks.”

Earlier, Iran Rights Transparency – IRT reported about Iran’s overseas spy operations, and direct involvement of Iranian Revolutionary Guard in exporting drugs to Arabic and European countries.

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