Iran creates terrorism and spreads it to the whole world


Published by Asharq Al-Aws on Monday, 4 Jan, 2016

Kurdish opposition sources in Iran have revealed yesterday that the executions carried out by the Iranian regime against the Kurds and other components are increasing annually, indicating that during the past nine months, according to the Iranian calendar, executed more than 750 people, majority of whom are Kurdish.

These parties condemned the Iranian campaign against Saudi Arabia, and demanded the international community to end his silence regarding the crimes committed by the regime in Tehran against humanity, particularly the attack on the Saudi embassy in Tehran the night before last.

Vice president of Iranian Kurdistan Freedom Party and commander of the military wing of the party, Hussein Yazdan Bina told Asharq Al-Awsat that Since Ayatollah Khomeini’s revolution and up until now, executions of Kurdish citizens in Iran did not stop. Kurds are the only ones who are currently being executed by the regime in Tehran because of their political opinions.
“In order to hide the facts from the international public opinion, the Iranian regime fabricated the charge of narcotics trafficking. In reality, trafficking is being carried out by Iranian authorities and by officials of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and the Iranian Intelligence in a project to suppress the Kurdish people in Iran. Iran has deluded the international community into thinking that the executions are not based on political grounds”, he said.

Yazdan Bina also pointed out that the nuclear deal concluded by Tehran with the great six powers has set the Iranian regime into carrying out more execution campaigns against the execution of Kurds in eastern Kurdistan (Iranian Kurdistan).
According to Iranian Opposition sources, the Iranian regime executed annually hundreds of Kurds, Sunnis, Azeris, Turkmen and followers of other religions from Jews, Christians, Baha’is, Aliarsanyen (followers of an ancient Kurdish religion). The majority of those executed in Iran was of the Kurds because the majority of Iranian Sunnis are Kurds.