Reof Ibrahim Hesen from the village Mela Shex in Serdeshit District was shot dead by the Iranian Militaries while he was making his way between the villages of Dele and Bewran, report said on Monday.

On the one hand the Iranian Regime forces Kurdish people into unemployment and the consequent poverty, on the other hand it will offer them jobs as collaborates and in mercenary positions. Those who refuse to undertake these jobs are deemed to suffer poverty or forced to work as what the Iranian Regime calls as “smugglers” on the borders.

“I refused to work in Military Corps, I refused to work as a collaborator or in mercenary positions, I could not stand up taking up arms against my people, I could not stand up committing treason against my people, and thus I forcefully decided working on the borders to make the livings since I have 4 children. But the Iranian Military Forces label us as smugglers and they shoot us as soon as they spot us on the borders. I’d rather to be killed than to commit treason and take up arms against my people, Ako a Kurdish worker said”