Is it not time to call a halt to Erdogan’s fascism?

The Turkish state and its President R. T. Erdogan are speedily heading towards a one-man system, or in other words: The Hitler model. The Turkish oligarchy, entrenched by a fascistic mentality, is conducting a policy of destruction, annihilation and looting in Kurdistan in order to preserve its colonising status.

In order to achieve this dirty objective, Erdogan initiated a comprehensive war in Kurdistan in the July of 2015. First, he ceased the peace process between the Turkish state and the Kurdish people’s leader Mr. Abdullah Ocalan and then he isolated him completely; then very soon after, he attacked the people with suicide attacks in a joint AKP-ISIS operation. In these attacks, 5 people died in Diyarbakir, 33 people died in Suruc, and 100 people died in Ankara; a total of 929 people were wounded in all three attacks.

The police and army were introduced in the second phase of Erdogan’s war. For months now curfews have been declared in several towns and cities across Kurdistan. Kurdish towns such as Cizre, Silopi and Sur have been almost completely destroyed and only in Cizre 120 civilians were burnt alive in a basement (this has been documented by the UN, HRW and AI). The same things are now occurring in Nusaybin, Yuksekova and Sirnak. All Kurdish towns are under the attack of the Turkish army on a daily basis. Until now, a total of 800 civilians (mostly women and children) have been killed in these towns and cities by the Turkish state.

Erdogan has attacked and lynched anyone who has voiced opposition to his war including the 1028 academics who signed a petition titled “we will not join you in this crime”, many of which he later had sacked from their jobs. The media has also been silenced with the threat of legal action. Hundreds of journalists are still in prison.

Those opposing Erdogan’s dream of becoming a superpower are being labelled “terrorists”

Currently, Erdogan is targeting those in parliament who are in the way of his dictatorial ambitions. His goal of abolishing the parliamentary system is now ever so closer after the political immunities of the HDP legislators was removed. Erdogan has implemented this plan with the help of the representatives of Turkish state nationalism: AKP, MHP and CHP. It has once again been proven that the only thing that these parties agree on is animosity towards the Kurdish people.


The silence of the EU and the USA has made them partners in crime?

The EU and the USA have confined themselves to mere written and oral statements; These states need to wake up and understand who they are dealing with. They need to understand who it is they are supporting. It must be acknowledged that no alliance can be maintained with those that a hold a Hitler-like mentality. It is not enough to merely claim “democracy is in danger”; or that “the quality in democracy is falling”. Democracy has ended in Turkey! This approach is exactly what Erdogan wants: Don’t meddle with my work, don’t critics, don’t share my power.

If you really want to preserve democracy in Turkey and stability in the region, the EU and the USA must decide on economic, military and political sanctions immediately.

The worlds power are passing through a significant test of humanity and democracy in the face of an Erdogan state supporting ISIS and declaring all-out war on the Kurdish people.

To call a halt on the policies of Erdogan is to call a halt to fascism.

To call a halt on Erdogan is to support stability.

To call a halt on Erdogan is to deplete ISIS.

To call a halt on Erdogan is to promote a peaceful solution to the Kurdish question.

To call a halt on Erdogan is a humanitarian responsibility.


KNK – Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê  

Kurdistan National Congress

Congrès National du Kurdistan