Militants of the Islamic State (ISIS) raiding a building in Raqqa. File photo

Published by ARA News 21 June 2016

AFRIN – Radical group of the Islamic State (ISIS) launched an arrest campaign in northern Syria, and captured more than 700 civilians, local sources reported on Monday.

ISIS jihadis have broken into several villages in the countryside of Jarablus, Azaz and al-Bab in the northern Aleppo province, and arrested hundreds of civilians, most of them were reportedly from the Kurdish minority in the area.

Al-Shahba documentation centre reported the arrest of 96 civilians in the Shawi village, 107 in the Weran village, 86 in Ghandoura, 37 in Sur Sanbat, 143 in Arima, 119 in al-Raee, 27 in Tel Jerja, 74 in Kawikli, six in Kayiba, four in Qabasin and two civilians were captured in the Kalben village.

“The majority of those arrested by ISIS militants on Monday were Kurdish civilians,” member of the Shahba documentation centre Muhammad Kalo told ARA News.

Also, the extremist group executed on Monday 12 civilians for trying to escape the ISIS-held villages in Jarablus countryside.

“They were shot dead for trying to escape before ISIS captured them,” Kalo reported, citing eyewitnesses.

According to local media activists, ISIS is using civilians as human shields in the battles against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

“The terror group is sending civilians to the battlefronts in northern Syria in order to use them as human shields to claim that the western-backed SDF troops are killing innocent civilians,” Kalo told ARA News.

“The ISIS use of civilians as human shields has affected the performance of our troops,” SDF commander in Manbij Adnan Abu Amjad told ARA News.

“Our goal is to protect civilians against ISIS, and we are aware of the group’s brutal strategy of using those civilians as human shields, that’s why we’re being extremely careful during our military operations,” the official said.

Reporting by: Siman Ciwan

Source: ARA News