ISISIslamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) Militants have captured the Yazidi-majority town of Sinjar, north of Mosul, and the extremist group starts killing Yazidis.
According to a BasNews correspondent in Sinjar, ISIS Militants has so far killed 30 Yazidis for not converting to Islam and has warned others to convert or to face the same punishment.
Thousands of Sinjar residents have fled to Sinjar Mountain which is under the Kurdish Peshmerga forces and the residents have asked Peshmerga to attack the ISIS militants which are in complete control of the town.
According to a number of town mayors (Mukhtar), ISIS militants have told them that they won’t harm them and they have just come to remove Peshmerga forces in Sinjar.
They have also killed those who have fought against them and according to local Mukhtars ISIS Militants have taken some women, whose whereabouts is currently unknown.
Meanwhile, ISIS Militants have blown up two of the holiest Shiite Shrines in the town, which are known as Saida Zenab and Saida Ruqeya Shrines.
Furthermore,  Nineveh governor Atheel al-Nujefi has called on international community to react of preventing a further massacar of Yazidis in Sinjar, after ISIS took the town on Sunday morning, and UN says they are concern with early reports coming out of Sinjar regadring the sitituation of Yazidis.
03.08.2014, BasNews, Sinjar