Joint declaration of a committee consisting of 254 signatories, Civil Society Organisations, political parties, associations, foundations, co-mayors, and individuals gathering upon the call from Peoples’ Democratic Congress (HDK – Halkların Demokratik Kongresi) and Democratic Society Congress (DTK – Demokratik Toplum Kongresi) against the Palace Coup.

We have serious concerns about the constitutional amendment regarding the change on lifting the immunities.

Parliamentary immunity should primarily be a democratic right aiming to guarantee the elected officials the right to talk and express their opinions. This right belongs not only to the parliament members but also to the people who have elected them. Indeed the parliament members are obliged to reflect the will of the people they represent while acting on their behalf.

Investigations, arrests or detentions during or after parliament members express their thoughts as an essential part of political struggle shall be a direct  intervention of the peoples will. In this context, we perceive the immunity debates transformed into political revenge and punishment as a dangerous process.

The rapid continuation of simultaneous arrests, deposals, suspensions, heavy punishments and such impositions of mayors and councillors of DBP (Democratic Regional Party), as well as preparations on impositions such as confiscation and designation of trustees qua seizure of peoples will  reveal how serious the menace is.

On the other hand, at a time when obvious concerns and doubts over the impartiality and independence of the jurisdiction are highly outspoken even by the supreme court, changes that may lead to the intervention of jurisdiction particularly towards the opposition parliament members  will spawn new and extremely serious consequences. A new phase of designing the society via jurisdiction will emerge.

We are also concerned that this amendment, targeting particularly the HDP deputies, will entirely eliminate the possibility of political resolution to the Kurdish question which has evolved into, a reinstated phase of conflict. While our search and efforts intensify on ending the violence, the unlawful closure of the political channels will be a heavy strike on the search for peace. It is impossible to comprehend the persistance of using the employed methods used in past which resulted in the growth of problems. What we need is to debate on opening democratic channels of politics.

We demand the immediate withdrawal of this amendment leading to the disposal of mainly Kurdish and the marginalized communities represented by HDP in the parliament. We urge the parliament members to consider the consequences and vote no to this amendment, which will smother our future. We demand the end of political oppression against journalists, academics, CSOs and municipalities of DBP, as well as the immediate release and reinstatement of the detained mayors.

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