Denîz FiratANF – HEWLER 08.08.2014
Kurdish press worker Deniz Fırat has lost her life during an attack of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham) gangs carried out on Maxmur refugee camp on Friday evening.

Deniz Fırat, ANF’s basic source of information on the ground, died after pieces of a mortar shell fired by ISIS gangs hit her on the heart as she tried to do her job in a risky area.

Fırat, who has always been in the frontline in order to convey the truths from the fight and resistance she has witnessed in Maxmur area during the last three days, was providing news for Sterk TV, Med NUÇE, Ronahi TV, Fırat News Agency (ANF).

Strongly condemning the attacks targeting journalists, ANF administration stressed that workers of the press must be guarded and protected under any circumstances.

Remarking that Fırat Deniz -who was described as a brave and exceptional journalist- was one of the basic sources of information about the ongoing clashes in Maxmur, ANF vowed to remain loyal to the memory of Deniz and to continue to provide information about the developments in the region.