Karayilan remarked that the Turkish state has violated the ongoing ceasefire numerous times so far.

KCK executive reminded that the resolution process had three phases; with the first one being the process of ceasefire and the withdrawal of Kurdish guerrillas from Turkish borders. “The second phase required the initiation of legal and constitutional steps but the Turkish state didn’t do its part in this process, which means this second phase didn’t begin at all. And this is because of the fact that the AKP government doesn’t keep its promises, nor does its part.”

Karayilan said the democratic resolution process hasn’t ended but is continuing with the unilateral steps and efforts of the Kurdish leader Öcalan and the Kurdish movement. “Of course the process cannot advance unilaterally. As a matter of fact, the process is currently facing a deadlock and everyone should know that it is going to end unless the government takes steps within the first weeks after the elections”, he added.

Karayilan stressed that the steps needed to be taken for the advancement of the process included the formation of a legal frame for the initiation of negotiations between two sides on an equal basis, the improvement of Öcalan’s conditions, and the participation in the talks of a third party to impartially monitor the process and steps taken in it.

According to Karayilan, there can be no solution unless the anti-Kurd anti-terror is abolished, adding that they would be discussing the third phase of normalization now had the government taken such a step so far. “The Turkish state and the AKP government have however taken no steps despite all the efforts made by our leader and movement. On the contrary, the AKP displayed an utilitarian approach towards the process and wanted to use it in its favor as part of its election plans”, Karayilan noted.

The KCK executive also emphasized that the ongoing construction of military posts and roads in many regions in the Kurdistan territory also meant the violation of the ceasefire, adding that clashes and deaths have taken place recently in Haftanin due to the ongoing military activities of the Turkish army.

“However we have unilaterally kept the ceasefire in effect and done our part so far”, Karayilan said and added that it was now the government’s turn to take a step.
ANF – Behdinan 17.03.2014