koerdistan protestANF – ANKARA 25.07.2014

The Turkish Human Rights Association (IHD) has issued a report today that says the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is using Turkey as a logistic base, citing claims that a camp near the Karkamish dam is being used as a training centre by this group.

The IHD issued its assessment concerning their recent visit to the border of West Kurdistan in the form of a preliminary report.

The written statement issued by the Headquarters of the organisation said the report stresses the historic importance of the revolution accomplished by the Kurds in cooperation with other peoples of the region in West Kurdistan.

The report condemns the attacks of ISIS stressing that ISIS had been put into use by those powers who were in attempting to throttle the revolution on its second anniversary. “The attacks of the jihadist organisations such as Al Qaeda, Al-Nusra and ISIS , particularly against Rojava, are in fact assaults aiming at destroying the revolution and the self-governance of the people. We condemn these attacks”, said the report.

The report asserted that the jihadist organizations use Turkey as a logistic base and organises various kinds of its attacks.

The report recalled the resistance in Birecik against the attacks and the visit of the delegation of IHD to the village of Ziyaret and the resistance points on 23 Julyi and mentions claims that the delegation heard during their visit regarding the Karkamish camp near the Karkamis Dam Lake.

The report said: “According to the claims, this camp is being used as a logistic base by ISIS militants. The attacks on the Kobane Canton of Rojava are organised through Turkey by using this camp. Turkish soldiers intervened violently in HDP-DBP delegations setting up resistance tents in the region, burnt the tents, damaged vehicles, used teargas and rubber bullets and plundered personal belongings of people in an attempt to strike fear to remove people from the area.When we visited the region, we saw that the resistance point was on a hill having a purview of the whole region, including the Karkamish Refugee Camp and all activity in the area. The soldiers intervened against the tents at the border in order to conceal the jihadists groups, such as ISIS members’ crossing the border. There is no other explanation possible. Detailed information about the issue will be presented in the report”.

The report further said that to permit the jihadist groups to attack Rojava from Turkey’s border are acts that possibly might be judged within the framework of war crimes.

Warning the authorities about permitting ISIS to use Turkey’s borderl, IHD said that in an international criminal court that will be established regarding the Syrian civil war in the future, the responsibility of the Turkish authorities will also be revealed.