IMG_6407-SmallISIS massacre in Kobanê canton of Western Kurdistan

Since 15 September 2014, ISIS terrorists have been attacking the Kobanê canton of the western Kurdistan (Rojava-Kurdistan) region from three directions, using the most sophisticated weaponry seized from Iraq and Syria. ISIS gangs have been supported in this by the Turkish military, both logistically and politically, during their attacks on Kobanê. The Turkish government not only traded its 49 hostages by turning a blind eye to the genocide committed by ISIS, they also secretly and illegally supplied them with tanks and weaponry, transporting them openly across the borders.

The other clear evidence of an agreement was the parallel attacks launched by Turkish soldiers and police against the Kurdish people, who flocked to the borders in solidarity to assist the people of Kobanê who had been fleeing from the ISIS attacks. They have attacked people with bullets, gas and water cannons on both sides of the border and killed and injured several people. People were cornered into a death trap between ISIS militias and Turkish soldiers. Turkey’s ultimate plan is the “Occupation of Rojava Kurdistan” by forcing international pressure to create a buffer zone in this region.

The main aim of the ISIS terrorists is to attack the political achievements by the Kurdish people in their region. They have attacked and committed a massacre against Yezidi Kurds and other minorities only a month ago. They started another wave of massacre on 15th September in Kobanê while the international community is looking on in silence.

They have approached the Kobanê borders, using US made heavy weapons (tanks, katusha, rockets, missiles, heavy artillery). Hundreds of thousands of civilians are threatened by the most brutal genocide in modern history. The people of Kobanê are trying to resist using basic weapons against the most brutal attacks of ISIS terrorists, with only the assistance of People’s Protection Unit in Western-Kurdistan YPG and YPJ, but without any international help. ISIS cannot be stopped by these weapons. The Kurds have received no assistance from anyone despite the daily urgent appeals to the anti-ISIS Coalition made by the Kurdish people, the YPG and YPJ.

The US and EU-led coalition, which claim to have formed an anti-ISIS coalition, have not intervened despite witnessing the ongoing genocide committed against Kurds in Rojava. They are not launching airstrikes on the location under ISIS attack around the Kobanê region. They have not responded to the Kurdish people’s appeal for help, despite their urgent need for humanitarian, military and weaponry support. This approach of the international powers is leaving hundreds of thousands of Kurdish civilians confronted with a fast approaching genocide in Kobanê.

The Kurdish people will resist and defend themselves against these ISIS gangs. The heroic resistance of the Kurdish people against ISIS is the true resistance of democracy and humanity.

The Western powers claim to be defending democracy, human rights and are to be fighting ISIS terrorism, but to be true to the aims they must provide the people of Kobanê, YPG and YPG, with urgent assistance.

They should enforce an embargo against all the states which support ISIS starting with Turkey.

We call upon you to prevent another fast approaching humanitarian catastrophe by taking urgent action to help the Kurdish people and their protection units (YPG and YPJ) by providing them with all the humanitarian assistance starting with immediate military aid.

The resistance and defence of Kobanê is a resistance and defence of humanity.