The Turkish state’s dirty and genocidal war against the Kurdish people is intensifying by the day. According to the latest news we have received from the town of Nusaybin in Mardin, tens of civilians have been severely wounded from Turkish tank fire. Medical assistance is not being allowed to help those that are wounded and their positions are still being bombarded by the Turkish army. Over 35 civilians, of which some are severely wounded, are trapped, and if help does not reach them very soon, they will be massacred.

According to a statement from the Human Rights Association (IHD), if a humanitarian corridor is not opened then a horrific massacre is more than likely. They have called for an urgent corridor to be opened to evacuate civilians from the affected area. HDP MP Ali Atalan has said that the resisting Kurdish youth (YPS) in Nusaybin have retreated from the town and that only civilians are left. Separately, Kurdish organisations and the Kurdistan People’s Initiative have made calls to international institutions to intervene and stop the Turkish state to save the lives of many civilians under the threat of massacre.


The AKP government and the Turkish state is trying to massacre civilians in especially the Alika Neighbourhood of Nusaybin by using all military capabilities at its disposal, including fighter jets. The AKP and the Turkish state has already committed horrific massacres in Cizre, Sirnak, Sur, Silopi and Yuksekova in front of the eyes and silence of the world. The AKP, emboldened by the silence of the world in the previous occasions, is now about to conduct a similar massacre in Nusaybin.

To call a halt to the fascism of the AKP means saving the lives of many innocent civilians. We especially call upon the democratic forces of the world, civil society organisations, Amnesty International, HWR, the UN, the EU, teh EP and the European Council to move to prevent a massacre in Nusaybin.

We call on these institutions to take immediate action against Turkey, to make urgent statements and send delegations to the affected area.

Kongreya Neteweyî ya Kurdistanê

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