Xelil remarked that armed groups of the ISIS have surrounded Kobanê from three sides after gathering all their forces deployed in Deyrel Zor, Halep, Raqqa, Lazkiye and other regions around the Canton.

Noting that clashes are still going on in the Arabic-inhabited villages of Sirrin, Qubê and Cehdê, which are currently held by opposition groups, Xelil said ISIS forces deployed tanks around Cerablus and Sirrin while they also launched tank attacks against the Kendal village located in the eastern part of the canton. According to Xelil, nine members of the YPG (People’s Defense Units) have lost their life and dozens of gang members were killed in clashes in the mentioned region.

Xelil said the passports of the killed or surrendered gangs revealed that they came from various countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Federal Kurdistan Region, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Turkey and Chechenia.

“The YPG’s announcement of mobilization should be understood well as people who have nothing to do with Islam are being brought here and made to fight against us under the cover of Islam. Their morality goes against Islam which doesn’t approve the beheading of children”, Xelil said.

He also noted that; “The Baath regime named the Kobanê Canton after ‘Kaniya Ereba’ which was later changed to Kaniya İslamê’ by gang groups, and to Kaniya Kürdistanê’ by the people of Kobanê which is the heart of Kurdistan.”

Emphasizing that all peoples in the canton are being targeted by the gangs, Xelil called for immediate aid from Kurds in all four parts of Kurdistan in order to defeat the attacks against Kobanê, and immediate humanitarian aid from the whole world, human rights organizations and the red crescent in Turkey.

Xelil remarked that the only border crossing open at present is the Mürşitpınar (Kobani) gate opened to Urfa’s Suruç district, and added; “Border crossings cannot be closed to humanitarian aids and human rights organizations. The closure of border gates is a violation of the human rights of the people in the canton.”

According to Xelil, the population of the Kobanê Canton has tripled and reached nearly 700 thousand recently. “In addition to the YPG’s call for mobilization, we are calling for immediate aid. We are going through a very bad period as the flour we currently have will finish one month later when hunger will erupt unless we receive immediate aids. We don’t have the opportunity to buy wheat from other cantons due to the ongoing surrounding of our region”, Xelil said and added that flour, tent, blanket, bed, medical supplies were among the main needs of the people in the canton.

Publisehd by Kurdish Info