PJAK is a separatist group affiliated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party active in northern Iraq and the Kurdish province of Kordestan in western Iran.
In a statement posted by the Coordination Committee on the PJAK Web site, the group blames Iran for torturing jailed members who oppose the regime in Tehran.
"They have tracked down and persecuted all political and civil activists, along with liberal and democratic intellectuals, to create the atmosphere of extreme fear and terror among the people," the statement read.
The statement said dissent is a legitimate and natural right recognized by international law and expressed support for Kurdish prisoners who staged a hunger strike Aug. 25 in opposition to their detention.
"We call upon the international community, United Nations, human rights organizations and the democratic forces all over the world to stand up with the Kurdish and Iranian people in their struggle for freedom, democracy and peace," PJAK said.
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