Our president Derwich Ferho was invited as speaker by the World Solidarity Forum for a Conference on October 30th 2019. The main focus for this conference was on Human Rights, Independence and Self-determination which are of course strategic objectives and daily concerns for the Kurdish Institute.

The room of the Brussels Press Club was fully packed with mainly young, dynamic and interested people. Derwich’ speech was focussed on the actual situation in Turkey and Syria. Obviously, some recent history and background information was needed. Amongst the audience it became sometimes daunting to hear how the Turkish state in the past and even today has taken a walk with the rights of non-Turkish peoples on their territory; ranging from state oppression over human rights abuses, crimes and even genocide. The very recent Turkish invasion of Northern Syria was by all means also discussed.

Please find below the written speech of Derwich Ferho.

WSF – Speech KI – 30 October 2019