During the course of history Jews were targets of various rulers and powers. Persecution, threats, murder, deportation, and life in exile were their destiny. Some of the Jews moved then to Kurdistan.

Kurdistan is a multicultural society. They have different cultures and religions in the country. They lived together in the same country for several hundred years. Cultures influence each other, and language borrowed words from each other. It developed a country where all cultures have contributed to build and develop. Kurds and Jews, like many cultures in the region created together relationships, and friendship …

Today was about 150-200 thousand "Jewish Kurds" or "Jews from Kurdistan" in Israel. The human brotherhood and friendly feeling is still living among the Kurds. And the love and longing of the Jewish Kurds to their home areas is great. Kurdistan is also their country …

Gabar Çiyan is a journalist, and president of the organization EuroKurd Human Rights. He has interviewed many people, including Kurdish intellectuals, and people from Israel about "the Kurds and Jews friendship and relations". He combined all the interviews in their e-book. The book was published in Kurdish in the organization’s website www.eurokurd.net . You can download, or copy from home witha_new_book_EHR_187585223.jpgout any fee.

Right now working on the translation into English, and English. The issue is sensitive, and partly taboo to discuss in the area. But the brotherhood and friendly feelings are human. Human emotions create more understanding and tolerance, says Çiyan in his speech to the press.

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