Published by Middle East Diplomatic on 19/9/16


by Narin Alan / Roni Alasor

Brussels, 19 September 2016 – Middle East Diplomatic (MED) – Following a trial against 33 Kurdish politicians and media workers, Kurds accuse Belgium for acting under the “influence of Turkish-Erdogan’s parallel state”. Kurdish organisations demand for objective justice trial in Belgium.

Speaking in a press conference in front of the Palace of Justice in Brussels where the trial was taking place, Kurdish politician Adem Uzun, member of the Executive Council of Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) said that some Turkish politicians, some police with the Turkish origin in security-system and local municipality administrations in Belgium act under the influence of Turkish-Erdogan’s parallel state.

“Belgian policy towards Kurds is affected by Turkish-Erdogan lobby, which is a problem not only in Belgium, but also in some other European countries. This is not an issue between Belgium and Kurds, but it is a result of the Turkish parallel state built in Europe in years and now used by Erdogan against Kurds”, said Mr. Uzun.

 Double morale on ISIS terror : The KNK Executive Council member underlined that “It is very difficult to believe that on one hand the West applauses Kurds in their successful fight against ISIS terror, but on the other hand the West helps ISIS supporters policy against Kurds. Its incredible to understand !”.

The Kurdish representatives, together with 15 lawyers who work for their defence, insist that the Belgian court should conduct deeper investigation and speak with all the mentioned persons in the court file, not only with the Turkish side. Up to the present moment, the court gathered information only from Turkish state, which represents a serious obstacle for objective and justice trial.

The court case has been opened in Belgium in 2010 when, “under strong Turkish pressure and influence of US and some European countries”, 33 Kurdish politicians including former parliamentarians Mr. Remzi Kartal and lawyer Zubeyir Aydar, President of the Iranian-Kurdish opposition party PJAK, Mr. Haci Ahmedi and KNK Executive Council member Mr. Adem Uzun, and media workers have been arrested following raids of Kurdish institutions. Today Kurdish representatives as well as Belgian civil society organisations demand fair trial and objective policy of Belgians and Europeans towards Kurds. The decision of the Belgian court will be taken on 3rd November.