The HDP Co-President Ertuğrul Kürkçü organised a press conference at the HDP provincial office. Kürkçü said that ministers implicated in the corruption operations should be suspended from duty until they have been cleared, adding: “this includes the Prime Minister. The government has not confirmed or denied these incidents. Four ministers resigned and the allegations are grave.”

‘The government lost its legitimacy over Gezi’

Kürkçü continued, saying: “The government cannot remain after all that has happened. The government lost all credibility amongst the people after its stance over the Gezi protests, during which 7 people died and at least 100 were injured. Two people are still in a coma. Thousands were exposed to gas. The Prime ministers constantly talks of lobbies. Indictments have been sent back by the courts 3 times.”

Kürkçü added that very few people believed the Prime Minister’s explanations that recently emerged audio recordings are a ‘conspiracy’, saying: “the PM says they are ‘montage’, but this means the words were actually spoken. The problem can be resolved by commissioning an independent expert report. Hizmet is said to be the source of the tapes. We don’t know this, but the AKP and Hizmet have run the country together so the PM knows.”

‘Citizens are not safe’

Kürkçü added that the HSYK, MIT and internet draft laws had demonstrated that it was not possible for there to be a fair, transparent judicial process to resolve the current crisis, saying: “the PM wants to control the judiciary, intelligence and the internet. No citizen is safe. There is talk of the MIT (National Intelligence) acting without judicial supervision. If the intention is for them to evade the judicial process then it is evident that they have no legitimacy left.”

‘The government has corroded the peace process’

Kürkçü drew attention to the democratic, peaceful resolution project put forward by Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan, saying: “The government could have ensured democratic construction, but it has lost its legitimacy by corroding the peace process.

‘The foreign policy with a conquering mentality is also illegitimate’

Kürkçü emphasised that the government’s foreign policy was also illegitimate, and that it had used authority it had not been given by parliament. He said that the AKP had imported the sectarian conflict from Syria, leading to the government losing credibility in the region. Kürkçü said the cause of this was the conquering mentality of PM Erdoğan and Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu. Kürkçü added that the government had used the threat of Al Qaeda against the people of Rojava and that there was no doubt MIT had provided weaponry to Al Nusra.

Early elections

Kürkçü said: “The government should actually listen to the people for once and resign, so that early elections can be held. We have no fear of elections as we have not been involved in corruption for 40 or 50 years and have not exploited anyone.”

Kürkçü answered the questions of reporters regarding how the government’s loss of legitimacy might affect the process of resolution. Kürkçü said: “The government has done nothing so it will not have an effect. The process is fragile. There is a need for caution and prudence. Even if there is a change of government the process will continue.”

‘It is Mr Öcalan and the Kurdish people that determine the process’

Kürkçü answered a question regarding how the process would fare in the event of a CHP-MHP coalition coming to power thus: “Mr Öcalan meets the state delegation. It is therefore not a question of the government but of the state itself. Persons and governments are temporary but the state is permanent. The PM could go tomorrow. The problem is that the AKP is endeavouring to become the state. It is not the government but Mr Öcalan and the Kurdish people that determine the process.”

Kürkçü answered a question regarding the delegation going to İmralı island thus: “The visits are fortnightly, but they haven’t been on a regular basis. We want to go as HDP Co-Presidents in order to look at the process from the HDP viewpoint.”