ShengalThe clashes that began after the YPG intervened following the seizing of Sinjar by ISIS and the human tragedy in the mountains of Sinjar are now in their 4th day.

ISIS gangs are reported to have suffered casualties in clashes with the Sinjar Resistance Units in the villages of Solak and Borik, as thousands of people wait for humanitarian aid in the hills.

Sinjar Resistance Units in clashes with ISIS

While clashes continue in the mountains and in villages around the district centre of Sinjar, the newly-formed Sinjar Resistance Units carried out an attack on ISIS gangs in the village of Solak. The Resistance Units destroyed a Hammer vehicle along with its occupants, and say they then destroyed another Hammer that was sent as reinforcement.

The Sinjar Resistance Units were not able to confirm the number of casualties inflicted on ISIS.

At least 6 gang members were also killed in a clash near the village of Borik by Sinjar Resistance Units. 5 vehicles were also destroyed.

Massacre in villages on the plain

Journalist Xeyri Kızıler, who is in the mountains with the Yezidi Kurds, explained to ANF the latest situation in villages captured by ISIS and the human tragedy unfolding in the Sinjar mountains.

Kızıler said that villagers who had been unable to reach the mountains had been massacred and that young women in particular had been abducted. He said that Yezidis who had been taken prisoner were being held in a dungeon in Badish, between Tal Afar and Mosul.

Kızıler said: “We have heard that hundreds of people were massacred in villages on the plain. They are selecting young women and taking them way. They are forcing Yezidis to convert to Islam. Some accepted and were then slaughtered after they began to pray. In some villages in the foothills the people are resisting the gangs.”

No humanitarian aid for 4 days

Journalist Kızıler drew attention to the human tragedy unfolding in the mountains of Sinjar, where tens of thousands of people are stranded. He said for 2 days the Federal Government had dropped aid from the air, but that this aid was insufficient to prevent deaths.

He said: “They are only dropping bread. There are thousands of people over a wide area. This bread is not enough. There are babies and young children. They need milk. There is an urgent need for aid.”

“The YPG forces that have reached the area are on the one hand organising resistance, and on the other are attempting to meet the needs of the people,” he added.
ANF – SINJAR 06.08.2014