Dear friends,

In this short letter I would like to extend to you my gratitude for the solidarity you have shown in the attainment of my freedom.

As a combined result of the effective campaigning that you started, the public’s hard work in exposing the conspiracy and our tireless legal struggle, the French Appeals Court has completely disregarded the French and Turkish state’s jointly engineered plot. The court’s decision clearly stated that there was no case to answer, as the methods employed by the French police and its intelligence services were illegal. This decision amounts to an approval by the court of our defence case which we made from the beginning; that this was a conspiracy.

Although this conspiracy was directly carried out against my political activities and my search for a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish question; in essence this was a conspiracy against the Kurdish people and the Kurdish freedom movement. These conspiracies are a direct result of the just struggles of oppressed peoples (the Kurds in this instance) which are to be sacrificed for the joint economic interests of states. However, this time their plot has been foiled. The crucial factor in this success was the solidarity that you showed, your insistence on siding with a just cause and your persistent support for freedom and democracy struggles.

I would like to take this opportunity to state my happiness for once again being free among you and for having the opportunity to work with you; thank you for your solidarity. I would like to reiterate that we will continue to work together for a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish question and remain in solidarity with all democratic struggles across the Middle East and the world.

Adem UZUN – 06 March 2014