Pointing to the historic resistance of Kurdish guerrillas in Qendil Mountains, Mr Mezdek remarked that Kurdish question can’t be solved through violence and the ceasefire should turn into negotiation.

Mr Mezdek pointed to their historic victory over the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and remarked: “The ceasefire we declared following the Iranian extensive operations against our forces has come into the agenda. In the declaration of the ceasefire a number of parties and circles were also contributors. Hence we took the initiative and sought to open the way for a peaceful and democratic solution to the Kurdish issue.”

The senior member of PJAK once again reminded that direct negotiation between them and the Iranian forces have not taken place.

In regard to peaceful solution of the Kurdish issue Mr Mezdek said: “The ceasefire was declared at our will, Iran also asked for a ceasefire. But the post-ceasefire stage has not turned into negotiation stage. We want to reach the stage of negotiation. Nevertheless, no negotiation has taken place yet”.

In regard to the Iranian propaganda the PJAK’s member of coordination stated: “After the declaration of the ceasefire, no hostility has resumed among Iranian and our forces. The propaganda made, is forged by the Iranian militaries especially the Revolution Guards. They want to hide their defeat behind the propaganda.”

Emir Kerimi objected to the view that defines their party solely as an armed group and said;” there are certain circles who want to label our party only as an armed group, and following the ceasefire they also claim that PJAK has been liquidated. It should be remembered that only a segment of PJAK’s campaign is the legitimate self-defence. In fact, PJAK is a social and political power.”

For the following stage and for a peaceful solution to the Kurdish issue Mr Kerimi pointed to certain matters and said that the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and other military wings is not their interlocutor. Only the political circles can be their interlocutor. “The issue of democracy is interconnected with the issue of Kurdish people in Iran; propagation would not work. We declared the ceasefire at our own will, for we wanted to open the way for a peaceful solution. The government should also recognise the will of our people and engage in the solution process,” Kerimi added.

For the government’s initial steps he pointed to the freedom of the political prisoners, the end to execution of political detainees, the end to increasing pressure on the people, efforts to promote politics, economy and the culture of the society, and the opportunity for the people to manage their affairs. He also pointed that had the solution is not generated, their resistance would continue.

In regard to the remark of Iraqi’s PM, he said, “In fact they prepared themselves to drive us out of Qendil to weaken the position of the Kurds in Iraq. With the Iranian aids, Maleki wants to strengthen his position against the Kurd.”