In relation to the invitation by the European Court of Human Rights dated 29/11/2006 the applicant broadens and supplements his complaint against the Czech Republic dated 29/04/2004 by the following  statements.
The Czech Republic is a signatory of the Convention for protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms ( from now on Convention).
The applicant is a citizen of the Federal Republic of Germany (and has been exclusively so on the date of submission of his application)
The applicant is a co-founder of the Kurdish HalfMoon, a parallel to the Red Cross
The applicant joined professor Kendal Nezan in founding – with the support of the French Minister of Culture Mr Jacques Lang – the first Kurdish Institute in the history, namely the Institute Kurde de Paris.
The applicant is the founder and director  of the Kurdish Institute in the federal Republic of Germany. Kurdisches Institut in the FRG was founded in 1983 under the patronage of a number of significant personalities, e.g. Laurent Schwarz, Alfred Kastler ( Nobel Prize for physics), professor Eduard Leemans, (the chair of the Parliament of Belgium and Rektor of the University of Louvaine), Hans Oskar Veter (the chairman of the World Free Unions and a member of the European Parliament) etc. The Kurdisches Institut received financial support not only from the federal but also state governments.  The membership of the Kurdiches Institut included for example: Heinrich Boll, professor Ingebord Drewitz, G. Engelman (a chair of the  Association of  German writers), G. Baum (Minister for Home office of the Federal Government of Germany), Jo Leinen, JUDr Hoffkes, Rut Zutt, Petra Kelly, Roland Voigt, and over twenty politicians from all the parties represented in the Federal Parliament of the FRG, etc.
The applicant participated in the founding of the Kurdish Library in New York.
The applicant is a physician ( Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, Prague, attestations in France and Federal Republic of Germany), he worked for Medicine sans frontiers for many years, and founded several field hospitals in Iran, atd.
The applicant has been actively involved in the fight for human rights and the rights of minorities, as a consequence of which, he has been often persecuted (e.g  his Turkish nationality had been withdrawn from him).
The applicant has been actively involved with the Amnesty International in Germany     and with the Society for protection of imperilled nations, and with the Red Cross in Germany.
The applicant is a significant publicist, author of a large number of books ( e.g. he is a co-author of "The Economic Perspectives of the Czech Republic" with the present president of the Czech Republic, professor Ing Vaclav Klaus and other personalities from the field of economy), he worked as a translator (e.g. the first translation of a part of the Bible into Kurdish language), he is a writer ( numerous publications in a range of subjects), he is a member of the international PEN Club.
The applicant lectured in many countries(including USA) about the violation of human rights, about the military dictatorship in Turkey, about Ayatollah Khomeini, about Iraq and Sadam Husein etc.
The applicant  received the prestigious Prize of F. Kriegel for the civil fortitude, given by the Foundation of Charta 77 in 2006.
The applicant, at the time of arrest, was an important entrepreneur/businessman with branches of his trading and manufacturing companies in the Federal Republic of Germany, Turkey and Czech Republic.


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