It began with the provincial chairs and mayors of the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP). It went on with the additional active cadres of the BDP organization and reached another stage by expanding more and more with the authority denying elected deputies to enter the Turkish Assembly justifying the decision with a non-existent "escape danger”.

Yesterday Prof. Dr. Büsra Ersanli, today publisher Ragip Zarakolu… And tomorrow?

Do we forget about the bloody PKK attacks carried out when hopes for peace had just arisen?

And what about the provocations and operations launched during the PKK unilateral ceasefire period? What about the soldiers even opening fire against families who wanted to take the bodies of their children from the clash area?

No, we do not forget either of them.

“Do we have to accept the imposition “either of them”? No, “neither of them”!

A way to peace can’t be found by telling mothers, fathers, wives and brothers to “stay away from their children, brothers and husbands”. The solution can only be built on truth.

If Büsra Ersanli is a member of KCK, if Ragip Zarakolu is a member of KCK, then I am too.

My prison bag has always been ready anyway. I have tidied it up again, waiting.

* Sanar Yurdatapan was born in Susurluk in Turkey in 1941. He became famous as a composer and song writer during the 1970’s. In addition to his contribution to popular music, Sanar has written music for films and plays. Following the military coup in 1980, he left Turkey and lived in exile in Germany for 12 years. The Turkish Military regime stripped him from his citizenship in 1983. He returned to Turkey in December 1991 and got his citizenship back in 1992.

Sanar Yurdatapan has been the spokesperson of the ‘Initiative for Freedom of Expression’, leading a civil disobedience action, since 1995 ( The piece below was originally published in